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Monday, September 26, 2022

Quinceañera Rubí tests positive for COVID and is one step away from being expelled from the Academy

  • Rubí tested positive after speculation about the health of the contestants
  • Will it be the reason that Lolita Cortez expels her?
  • What will happen now with the quinceañera?

Quinceañera Rubí COVID: A few years ago an invitation to a XV-year party went viral on social networks. The party celebrated was Rubí Ibarra, who together with her parents recorded a video as an invitation for her guests, but her father said that “everyone ” were invited so much of Mexico took it literally.

In this year, the young Rubí enlisted as a contestant at La Academia and now a piece of news has surprised everyone. She, well, it was not enough for her to be the least favorite of the judges. It turns out that she tested positive for coronavirus and it is expected that she will ‘finally’ be expelled from it. Will Loli Cortez be happy?

What about the students of the Academy?

What about the students of the Academy?

The Academy turned on the alerts on Tuesday night after reporting on its social networks that its students would be taken to the hospital for a medical check-up after reporting some discomfort. In addition, it clarified that the families of the students had already been notified and that the students “have been accompanied at all times by qualified personnel and production equipment”.

Through an official statement released through its social networks “The Academy” announced that several students were infected with Covid-19. “A few hours ago, Andrés, Santiago and Rubí stated that they felt bad and after a review by the paramedics from La Academia, it was detected that they could have a picture of dehydration, for which they were taken to the hospital for medical evaluation,” reported the reality show on their social media.”

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