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Quinceañera “kidnapped” by a horse at full speed went viral with this video

The horse galloped away at full speed (Photo: Screenshot)

The video of one quinceañera “escaping” riding a horse at full speed made viral this weekend, because although her relatives were worried about reaching her, the moment was very funny.

It is not the first time that the recording of a social event such as a wedding, baptism or XV years gone wrongwhich for that very reason become the laughing stock of the moment.

What seemed to be the last details for the young woman to arrive at her mass or party on a horse, where photographs would surely be taken of her, became the moment of despair by family and friends who saw how from one moment to the next he went at full speed with the quadruped.

When the horse begins to gallop up a hill, the people who were nearby immediately ran behind, among them he left a man who took out his lasso to try to stop the animalbut seeing that it did not reach him, he continued running.


how when silk wing escapes the quinceañera

♬ A sailboat called Libertad – José Luis Perales

The recording was uploaded to different platforms and even already has a couple of editions with music. In one of them they put the song A Sailboat Called Libertyby José Luis Perales to give a funny touch to the tone of “and left”.

“How do you explain to the guests that the quinceañera was kidnapped by a horse“, “Wanted. She disappeared at her XV years party. She was never seen again ”,“ Legend has it that he continues to travel the world ”,“ He could no longer stand his family and decided to leave ”, were some of the comments from social network users.

As it is unknown in which town it happened, as well as the moment in which the young woman was reached or was able to stop the colt that “kidnapped” her, many have joked that he left with the horse running and is passing through different states of the country.

“Right now he passed by my house, here in Durango”, “As soon as he passed through San Luis Potosí, the one with the bow was already walking”, “He has already arrived here in Guanajuato, and that boy with the bow no longer wears soles”, “They say that the date continues to tour the world La quinceañera now he is 28 years old”, joked netizens.

Granny celebrating XV years (Photo: TikTok miguel12365)
Granny celebrating XV years (Photo: TikTok miguel12365)

Other XV years that ended up going viral were those of a grandmother who made her celebration with everything and a thug dress.

“My grandmother’s dream came true,” wrote a user who uploaded part of the celebration in a TikTok video. Thus, in 20 seconds you can see a series of photographs where granny is seen in a dress red and his crown coming down the stairs. He is also seen with his family members posing in a church next to the Virgin of Guadalupe and enjoying an unforgettable moment next to their loved ones.

When this went viral, Internet users were quick to react and sent all kinds of good wishes to the family and the celebrated.

“That’s how it is, we must never let our dreams not come true no matter when and where”, “it is also my dream, one day it will come true”, “many congratulations”, “I congratulate you on this celebration… in life everything is better remembered…”, “dreams do not expire, and you always have to make them come true. Congratulations to your grandmother”, were some of the mentions that flooded the video.


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