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Queen’s guitarist dares to sing in Spanish

Queen's guitarist dares to sing in Spanish

Queen guitarist Brian May decided to approach the Latin public with a version of his song. another worldUpon the re-issue of his second solo album of the same name, which was discontinued. the subject chosen is another place in which he sings in Spanish, his first approach to the language,

another place A song dominated by piano and string arrangements with a certain flavor of romantic singer-songwriter, Along the lines of Django or Ismail Serrano. The flutter in the acoustic guitar has a flamenco touch, which clearly identifies with the language. The lyrics of the song are quite simple and both his style of singing and his pronunciation are correct.

another world was released in 1998 and was followed by the second album of his solo career back to the lightReleased in 1992.

With Freddie Mercury at the Queen's Show at Wembley Stadium on July 11, 1986.

With Freddie Mercury at the Queen’s Show at Wembley Stadium on July 11, 1986.

May, who turns 75 in July, added it as a surprise to the re-release. another world Song sung in Spanish. The recording history of the disc indicates that All sessions were conducted in the guitarist’s home studio., They were made when the queen was passing made in heaven.


Released in June 1998 in the United Kingdom and September in the United States, the album was initially intended to be a cover and the concept of Heroes that surrounds the entire recording, intended to record guitarists’ favorite songs from their favorite artists.

But this initiative did not last long Contribution of original works may be terminated This gave recordings a broader criterion, defined more by their artistic experience and not just with systematic versions from other musicians.

yes ok another world Gained a homogeneous sound close to heavy metal, the versions chosen by May were quite eclectic.

respecting idols

so drinkFor example, I was wish for a rainfrom Jimi Hendrix; all the way from memphis, by guitarist Ian Hunter, from Mott the Hoople, with whom he had previously played in Queen; You slow downWith lyrics covered by Larry Williams, a pianist from New Orleans the Beatles ,Affair Miss Lizzie) You rolling Stones ,He said yes!), but their hit was fast rock and roll Bonnie Moroni ,small popsiclesin river plate,

I pay homage to many of her musical idols.  Reuters Photo

I pay homage to many of her musical idols. Reuters Photo

Obviously, the album was the recognition of acclaimed musicians by May, but he could not resist his creative power and recorded another world Nine original compositions with different instruments. Obviously, this musician’s restless spirit was not entirely captivated by a cover album and he produced some very interesting songs like business, china belle, cyborg either guanoro Which provided a larger artistic unit to this second work as a solo artist.

By the way, it was work since a sad event Drummer Cozy Powell dies in an accident Automobiles before finishing the album.

Brian May recorded 15 studio albums and 5 live albums with Queen and has about 10 different compilations on the market. As a solo artist, the guitarist has recorded 2 studio albums and 2 live.


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