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Quavo looks back on the Savatee elevator incident and their breakup

Quavo is reflecting on her relationship with fellow rapper Sowety, sharing with GQ Promotions That it still bothers him how it ended.

The Migos rapper tells the magazine for his profile on Athens, Georgia that the elevator incident — which featured him and Souvati in a heated argument struggling over a suitcase before stumbling to the ground — still weighs heavily on him. The video, which surfaced in April 2021 and shortly after the couple ended their three-year relationship, shows Quavo dragging Saviti into an elevator and how he didn’t even bother to help her back on her feet after she fell to the ground.

Social media roasted Quavo for her demeanor and lack of empathy. When the video surfaced, a year had passed since the incident was captured on video in a North Hollywood, Calif., apartment building in Sowety. Saveti later issued a statement TMZ Published the video saying that the couple has overcome the incident and have reconciled. Quavo also denied that he had ever physically abused Savatee.

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When asked about the incident GQ Promotions Story, the rapper is said to have looked down at the floor and said, “If I can ever speak on this, I would never want to do any harm to any woman, period, in a million years.”

Quavo later said, without hinting, “I don’t like what people think. When they saw the elevator thing they thought it was outrageous, something crazy.”

As far as their next relationship is concerned, Quavo, who now considers himself a high school graduate and budding actor, revealed GQ Promotions He is slowing down his role in that department as he works on himself.

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“I want to install” [myself] Before I step into another relationship as a human being or anything that can take me away,” he says.

As far as the future goes for Migos, rumors spread earlier this year that the group was headed for a breakup. These rumors intensified after Migos was out as the headliner for the Governors Ball in New York City last month. But a representative of the group scoffed at the rumours, saying GQ Promotions That being out of the Governors Ball stemmed from schedule conflict. The representative also pointed to the fact that the group is still scheduled to perform at other festivals in September.

Quavo also told the magazine that, at this stage in their careers, it’s important for each of them (offset and takeoff) to establish themselves as individuals.

“It was all about Migos, Migos, Migos. The three of us,” Quavo says. “It seems to me that each member of the group has to establish themselves. They have their own job. If not, you start losing members.”

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