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Puerto Rico, setting for “The Island of Fantasy”

Puerto Rico, setting for

San Juan (EFE) .— Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro R. Pearlucci announced yesterday that following the filming of the new version of the 70s and 80s series “Fantasy Island (The Island of Fantasy)”, which will premiere in August on US network Fox, will have a multimillion-dollar economic impact and 400 direct jobs. were created.

R. Pearlucci offered a press conference yesterday with Puerto Rican actress Roslyn Sanchez, the series’ heroine and executive producer from Sony Pictures, Fox Entertainment, and Gemstone Studios.

For her part, actress Rosalyn Sánchez stressed that for the Puerto Rican team and actors it “represents an opportunity to record this new version of the classic ‘La Isla de la Fantasia’ on our island.” It’s an honor to play the iconic character of Rourke alongside the greats I know. The series showcases the glory of Puerto Rico,” said the actress.