Prosecutor requests arrest warrant against Ainara Suarez attackers

The prosecutor’s office is waiting for the judge to authorize arrest warrants for the four youths who raped the accused.

Mexico City.— The CDMX Prosecutor’s Office have changed arrest warrant against Raiders sexual by Ainara Suarezzo. it happens two weeks later yosselin hoffman, better known as Yosstop, was arrested for the offense of child pornography and linked to the prosecution.

According to Animal MX, Ainara’s Raiders They are not massive, but were not requested arrest warrant against you in no time.

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they’re barely going to detect the attackers

According to Animal Politico, the prosecutor’s office on hold to be provided arrest warrant To trace the youths who sexually abused Ainara and made the video of the sexual assault viral, so that their arrest continues.

The sex attackers mentioned in Ainara Suarez’s complaint have been identified as: Nicolas “B”, Carlos “R”, Julian “G” and Axel “A”, in addition to the following Patrick “A”, which in 2018, when he also affected the rape minors Old.

Rape of Ainaras This happened on May 25, 2018. The young woman, who was 16 at the time, attended a party at Axl “A”‘s house. Nominated Youth He raped Ainara With a bottle of champagne.

Video circulated on social media and yesstop He mentioned them in a recording shared on his YouTube channel, in which he claimed to contain such material, but would not feature it as child pornography. It was presented as evidence against the influencer.

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