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Prominent pianist and former UNESCO ambassador Miguel ngel Estrella passed away

Prominent pianist and former UNESCO ambassador Miguel ngel Estrella passed away

Michelangelo StarArgentina’s leading concert player under the Kirchner government and former ambassador to UNESCO died this Thursday in Paris. He currently directs Casa Argentina, a residence for students and graduates in the French University City.

The pianist, from Tucumán, the son of Lebanese immigrants to Argentina, committed to human rights, went into exile during the Uruguay military dictatorship in 1976 because Caught and brutally tortured in a secret center,

He reached Paris with the help of Yves Heguenaur, who “He brought together the greatest artists of the century and saved my life” as Estrella told, There was a huge international campaign to free him.

With them he joined Musica Esperanza, his global project “to put music at the service of the human community and the dignity of the individual, to protect the rights of artists, especially young people, and to work to create peace.” ” Música Esperanza was recognized by UNESCO.

Yves arrived in Montevideo to rescue Miguel ngel and distributed his cassettes to the public and great artists, who did not know him but participated in his salvation. In his secret prison he practiced with a silent keyboard.

“The greatest of the young pianists has disappeared. They took him away because their alternative was poor”, argued Yves and put pressure on the Uruguayan and Argentine dictatorships. Miguel ngel had been the victim of Condor’s sinister plan of repressive ordination in Latin America.

and saved him. He was asked by the great musicians of the world: Yehudi Menuhin, his teachers Nadia Boulanger and Henri Dutilleux, among others. He brought her to Paris, where she died on Thursday. He had to work hard to save his hands that were destroyed by the tyrants.,

“We had a wonderful relationship. We played Beethoven and Mozart songs with four hands. We sometimes argued because of my status as a Peronist, because he believed in versions that compared him to Fascism or Stalinism . I asked him: “Don’t believe”. But then he cooperated with me when an entrepreneurship was born, “said Estrella.

Miguel ngel Estrella was born on 4 July 1940 in San Miguel de Tucumán and practiced piano for at least six hours a day, His mentors were Celia de Bronstein, Erwin Keucher and Nadia Boulanger.

He settled in Paris in 1980, where he had previously traveled to study in his youth. He was a good friend of the Socialist Party and First Lady Danielle Mitterrand, whom he introduced to the then First Lady Christina Kirchner in the French capital.

In 2003 he was named the Ambassador of Argentina to UNESCO. In 2009 he was a member of the jury of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

was nominated Knight of the Legion of Honor in France And in 2013 the Senate of Argentina distinguished him for his career and defense of human rights.

In 2014, he received the Danielle Mitterrand Prize from the France Libertés Foundation.

with him The tradition of Lebanese hospitality and its Tukuman solidarityThere was a place for everyone in a popular neighborhood invited to “Puchero”, the home of Master Estrella in Paris. He became a French citizen and continued his campaign to reach out to the world with music. He created the Peace Orchestra, composed of Muslim, Christian and Jewish musicians, and received the Nansen Prize in 2000.

“I feel like home in Argentina. I feel like home in France. It’s a luxury. I feel rich to belong to both cultures”, admitted Estrella.

Recently, Estrella was ill and wanted to do the number of hours she could not practice piano.

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