Priyanka Chopra calls for urgent help for India

Actress Priyanka Chopra launched a message asking for urgent help for India.

It has been in this country where thousands of coronavirus infections have been registered and where it has been reported that hospitals have exceeded their capacity, there is no oxygen tank or medicine.

Therefore, the 38-year-old actress, who is originally from Jamshedpur, India, asked for help for her country.

Why it should matter to us, why it is urgent. I am in London, I hear from my friends and family in India about how hospitals are out of capacity, there are no rooms, ambulances are very busy, there are mass cremations.

India is my home and it’s bleeding. As a global community we must care because unless everyone is safe, no one will be. Please use your resources and focus your energy on helping to stop this pandemic. Please donate, ”Priyanka said in a video.

It was through her Instagram account, where the actress from Quantico Y Bay Watch He has almost 63 million followers who asked his fans for help.

The actress organized a fundraiser with GiveIndia to fight the coronavirus.

Your donation will go directly to the physical infrastructure of medical care, medical equipment, support and mobilization of vaccines, “he said.

Likewise, singer Nick Jonas, who is the husband of Priyanka Chopra, has joined the campaign to help obtain vaccines, medical equipment and other resources to combat the crisis facing India due to the coronavirus.

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