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Prince William Reflects on Death of Mom Princess Diana in Emotional Speech

Prince William Reflects on Death of Mom Princess Diana in Emotional Speech

The Duke of Cambridge was only 15 years old when Princess Diana died in 1997.

Prince William spoke from the heart during a passionate speech about the loss and grief at the opening of the Manchester Arena memorial on Tuesday. The Duke of Cambridge, 39, became emotional as he contemplated the death of his mother, Princess Diana, while sharing the importance of remembering his loved ones.

“To Katherine and I, it is very important that we are here with you today. To remember 22 people so brutally,” William told attendees, referring to the bombing at the 2017 Ariana Grande concert, In which about two dozen people lost their lives. “To acknowledge the hundreds of lives that had been irreversibly changed and to salute the resilience of this great city. I well remember the shock and sorrow on the faces of those who visited Manchester in the days after the tyranny. did.

William continued, noting that he knew the “pain and trauma” from the tragic event “did not go away” despite the passage of time.

“As someone who lives with our grief, I also know that what matters most to the bereaved is that those we have lost are not forgotten,” he said. “It’s comforting to remember. Recognizing that, taken too soon, he lived. He changed our lives.”

“He was loved, and he was loved. That’s why monuments like the Glade of Light are so important,” said William. “Why Katherine and I wanted to be with you today. And we remember the entire Manchester community who responded in the most heartwarming and life-affirming ways to help those affected.”

The Duke of Cambridge praised the people of Manchester, saying, “It was an attack on an evening of music. And it happened in a city that gave the world so many songs to sing about. When the people of Manchester gathered in tyranny Just a few days after Honor the Victims, you told the world that your music wouldn’t be silent. Instead, you raised your voice together and you sang a song of love that was written by some of the most famous sons of this city.”

“That day you told each other that you would not look back in anger,” they continued. “And you showed the world the true heart of this extraordinary place. So, as we come to this monument let’s look with love for those we have lost.”

With his wife, Kate Middleton, William concluded his heartfelt message. “Let’s look with love for those who cared for and protected this community,” he said. “And let’s look back lovingly to the ongoing strength of the great city of Manchester.”

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997. At that time William was only 15 years old.

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