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Prince William, Kate Middleton have ‘lack of trust’ with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Royal Expert Says

Royal expert Katie Nicholl is giving an update on the relationship between the Royal Fab Four. Nicole told ET that Prince William and Kate Middleton still have some trust issues when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a year after his all-TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Nicole explains that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not meet Meghan and Harry while they were in the United Kingdom, although the couple did make contact with other members of the royal family again during their visit.

“I think this indicates not only a busy timetable on the part of Cambridge, but perhaps also a lack of confidence,” she tells ET. “I know William and Kate are concerned that anything they might say or do has to do with the fact that it might be leaked to the media. So, I guess that’s really up to them in terms of proving them now.” can be trusted.”

While Harry and Meghan did not meet with William and Kate in private, the couple and their two children spent time with Prince Charles, his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as well as Queen Elizabeth II.

A source told ET of Harry and Meghan’s 3-year-old son, “The prince hasn’t seen his grandson, Archie, in a while and so it was very special to spend some time with him.”

The private visit was the first time Charles had met his 1-year-old granddaughter, Lily, and the source said the meeting was “very emotional, a very wonderful thing.”

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a few projects working on Netflix and Spotify, Nicole says she knows she has some issues working with family.

“If there is going to be any chance to move on, repair relationships and really try to heal some deep wounds, I think Harry and Meghan have to respect the wishes of the royals,” says Nicole . “I think Harry and Meghan have to respect their wishes” [Queen Elizabeth II] And [Prince Charles] And that these meetings remain private.”

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