Prince Narula, furious at the fiery tweet about the farmers’ movement, said – the world is very mean Kangana retweeted fake tweet about the farmer movement, said angry Narula

Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. Kangana has an opinion on almost every issue which is in discussion and on most occasions she defends the decisions of the Modi government. He did not hesitate to react to the peasant movement but he made a big mistake in this matter.

Kangana retweeted a fake tweet. However, he later deleted the tweet when he realized that he had made a mistake. But by then it was too late and the screenshot of this tweet went viral. Kangna received a lot of criticism due to this tweet. Now TV actor Prince Narula has also expressed his displeasure over this tweet.

Prince shared the screenshot of Kangna’s tweet on Instagram and wrote, “Wah jee wah Kangana Ranaut. A lot of people supported you thinking that you are fighting alone. These people were with you and today you are 100. Rupee. The character of the artist is speaking. How sad it was when a wall of your house was broken and everyone else supported you. Today when farmers and laborers are fighting for their rights, you cannot digest it. The world is very mean Is. We stand with the farmers. We are also farmers. “

Did Kangana retweet the tweet?The
In the tweet that Kangana retweeted, the elderly peasant woman involved in the protest against the farmers was described as the ungrateful Banu of Shaheen Bagh. It was written that this work is done by the grandmother according to the daily wage. Kangana retorted sarcastically. Ha ha ha, she is the same grandmother who was named among the most powerful people in India in Time magazine. This is Rs. But Pakistani journalists have embarrassed the international PR for India. We need people who can speak for us internationally.
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