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Prince Harry fought Prince William after dispute over proposal to Meghan Markle, new book says

Prince William & Prince Harry

Christopher Andersen’s new book details the drama between Prince Harry and Prince William, including when the siblings reportedly clashed in 2017 over Harry’s quick romance with Meghan Markle.

Prince william and Prince harry a few years ago because of the relationship of this last brother with Meghan markle, according to an American journalist Christophe Andersenthe newly published book, Brothers and wives: in the private lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan. Christopher, 72, writes that, according to a palace insider, the royal siblings were having a drink at Kensington Palace in September 2017, when William, 39, expressed concern about how quickly Harry, 37, , was traveling with Meghan, 40.Kate [Middleton] and i think Meghan seems like a lovely girl, but why rush things? Does she really know what she is getting into? Take all the time you need to really get to know this girl, ”William reportedly told Harry, according to the book.

Prince William And Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry (Photo: Yui Mok / WPA Pool / Shutterstock)

William’s comments didn’t go well with his little brother, Christopher’s book claims. Harry wouldn’t have liked William to use the term ‘that girl’ to describe Meghan, although Harry apparently said that about the former Suit actress before, including when they did their first official couple interview with BBC. Harry, as Christopher describes it, “didn’t appreciate William’s presumptuous demeanor” during their conversation about Meghan, and he quickly lashed out at his older brother.

“Who the hell do you think you are, brother?” Harry told William as he “stood up to his feet,” according to the book. He would have added: “I am marrying Meghan, and nothing and nobody stands in our way”, before moving away from his brother and going out. William, meanwhile, “rejected the idea of ​​asking” their father prince charles, 73, to weigh in on the Meghan-related drama as the Prince of Wales (and heir to the monarch) “lacked the courage to lay down the law when it came to Harry,” the book claims. About two months after this alleged fight, Harry and Meghan announced their engagement to the world. The now-married couple have since moved to the United States with their two children, having moved away from royal life in early 2020.

Prince Harry And Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Harry and William drama has been circulating in the press for years now, and it really exploded when Harry and Meghan sat down with it Oprah winfrey for a revealing interview in March 2021. The Duke of Sussex has confirmed his relationship with William, as well as Charles, has been strained since he and Meghan made the decision to leave the UK. Harry also said that his older brother was unable to “Leave this system” ie the British throne. As for Meghan, she called on the royal family as a whole for allegedly not offering her any help after confessing to having thoughts of suicide.

Since that explosive interview Harry has spent very little time with his family in the UK. He saw them for prince philippefuneral in April, then for the unveiling of a statue of his mother, princess diana, in July. However, he still has not publicly revealed where his relationship has been with his brother and father in the months since the Oprah interview aired.

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