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‘Prey’: Prequel to ‘Predator’ hits screens

More than three decades have passed since Predator conquered the world and, despite this time, the science fiction and horror saga that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger to fame refuses to die; therefore, Star Plus launches Preythe prequel to this story that takes place 300 years before its original in the Comanche community and with a woman as the protagonist.

“It’s really amazing what we have with this story, when I hear things like that I get overwhelmed, because all this time this franchise has existed; in fact, the first movie came out before i was born and that’s crazyso it’s amazing to be able to continue this legacy that comes from cinema,” Amber Midthunder told MILLENNIUM in video call.

A woman, the protagonist

“Now we focus on 1719, we go to the origin to see much more of what happens with the Comanches. The fact that it is specifically a young woman who stars in the story, It is really an incredible and admirable movement on the part of those responsible for returning it to the fans, I feel very proud of the film that we achieved, “added the protagonist.

John McTiernan directed the first part of Predatorwhich achieved little more than $60 million at the worldwide box officethen came three sequels and two more hybrids that marked the crossover of characters between franchises, such as Alien vs. Predator, which did not go well at all. Now it is Dan Trachtenberg who is in charge of the prequel.

with native talent

“The film is very exciting, it has a lot of action and the Predator is great, but the most beautiful thing about this story is that we had the opportunity to show the native talent, which is really incredible, because there are so many people in the film who are part of the First Nations (indigenous peoples) or Native Americans of the United StatesAmber explained.

In the film, the alien lands his ship on the Northern Plains to hunt for sport, the land inhabited by men, women, and children of the Comanche tribe. Since the beginning of the project, Dan Trachtenberg sought to portray the height of the Comanche Empire as faithfully as possible to bring authenticity to the story; in fact, it was filmed in indigenous villages.

“These elements gave us an incredible opportunity to show the world what the characters looked like, seeing indigenous people represented and a different story than what the media often portrays was amazing. At that time, the indigenous people and their culture were incredible, there were intelligent and strategic warriors and now we see all that”, he added.

They return to uses and customs

Prior to filming, there was a historical investigation to understand the uses and customs of the community. Amber plays Naru, a Comanche warrior, which brings her closer to her own roots, “I’m Sahiya Nakoda, so filming in Nakoda land was a unique experience, being close to my tribe or tribes similar to mine has been an incredible experience”.

And to fuel the story with action, “we all went through a four-week training camp where we worked with weapons, obviously the Spears ax and knives, but we also trained archery and created a sign language based on real Comanche sign language, all under the supervision of a personal trainer,” he added..

Prey had an advance in the last edition of the comic-con and according to the reaction of the fans, the return of this story could mean its expansion to new projects.

For now, the film about the alien that hunts for sport will arrive at Star Plus this August 5with a cast that also includes various members of the Comanche community in various scenes.

Amber Mid Thunderwho stars in the film set in 1719, highlights the importance of giving the main role to a woman


One day before starting to film; the team participated in a private ceremony at the Stoney Nakoda Nation.

The origin

The Predator franchise began with the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The cast

Ray Strachan, Stefany Mathias, Julian Black Antelope and Dakota Beavers are part of the cast.


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