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Presents the film “Maixabel”

Presents the film

A extra unknown a part of the ETA is proven

SAN SEBASTIÁN (EFE) .— Icíar Bollaín offered “Maixabel” yesterday in San Sebastián, his characteristic movie quantity 11, through which he dares to delve into restorative encounters, a actuality little identified outdoors the Basque Nation, of which Maixabel Lasa is instance and reference of a brand new angle for coexistence.

In 2000, the terrorist gang Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) assassinated the Spanish socialist politician Juan Mari Jáuregui. Years later, his widow, Maixabel, agreed to satisfy with the assassin.

In competitors

The movie about that assembly was offered yesterday in competitors within the Official Part of the San Sebastián Pageant, the place it competes for the fourth time to win the Golden Shell.

With out being a biographical movie, the movie could be very rigorous with the information; Isa Campo carried many of the weight of the script and the dialogues, defined Icíar, though the 2 did interviews: “With Maixabel Lasa, together with her daughter María, with victims, with mediators, with associates who went to the conferences, with others who no…”.

“We try to do the puzzle from many places”, additionally with readings, press articles, documentaries and actual movies that illustrate and help the movie, starring Blanca Portillo, as Maixabel, and Luis Tosar, within the function of ETA Ibon Etxezarreta.

Juan Mari Jáuregui’s widow is the protagonist, however so are the repentant ETA members who, in 2011, needed to apologize to their victims within the restorative conferences that passed off within the Nanclares de Oca jail, within the Basque province of Álava .

In Icíar’s opinion, the movie “not only touches forgiveness, but also the possibility of redemption, of repentance, but also of communication, of understanding. And it is universal. It refers, of course, to ETA and its victims, but restorative justice is applied in cases of extreme violence, also in common crimes ”.

“And there is a search for the truth on the part of Maixabel, she wants to know why, if they knew Juan Mari, why he and not someone else, and that search also seems powerful to me, it is an engine, his engine,” he says.

Your opinion

The director of “Also the rain”, with which she received three Goyas awards, goes somewhat additional: “I understand that there is now a burst of films on the Basque theme, but we had to make them, and we have to do more ”.

“It has been five terrifying decades and there is a lot to tell; It is true that that little distance helps and that ETA has not killed for 10 years. But their world is not known, actually that of the victims, either ”, he signifies.

The movie carries “depth charges”, acknowledges the director of “I give you my eyes” (2003), and “Rosa’s wedding” (2020) that doesn’t conceal “the many nerves and the many expectations” that they’ve with the movie .

“I think it will remove, because it is a mirror. The film tells of things that happened, and this is unbeatable. Besides, there are people who have not yet made this trip and when they see these men do it, they really stir it up, ”he stated.