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Premios Juventud. artists raise their voices during

 Premios Juventud.  artists raise their voices during

MIAMI (EFE) .— Colombian Karol Gee and Puerto Rican Bad Bunny became kings of Premios Juventud 2021 during a ceremony that saw musical premieres and emotional moments galore, calling for Cuba’s independence and return. Chino’s music.

The interpreter of “Bichota” (Karol) received six trophies out of the 12 awards she aspired to, the same as that of her compatriot Camilo, although the latter remained empty.

Karol G won awards for Female Youth Artist, The Most Sticky and Most Trendy, while Bad Bunny won five awards, including two of the most prestigious, Album of the Year and Song of the Year, with five awards.

Mexican Grupo Firme finished with four awards, while Natti Natasha received three, and Becky G and Los dos Carnales, went home with two.

Other artists who happily left the Vasco Center in Miami were Puerto Ricans Zhy Wheeler and Francesca, who was recognized as Best New Artist.

One of the most emotional moments of the ceremony was the segment in which Cuban artists drew attention to the state of the island following the July 11 protests in several Cuban cities.

Singers Jonción, Lena, Malena Burke and Yelenis Pérez performed “Libertad”, chanting “Viva Cuba Libre” by Emilio Estefan and Pitbull, while Gente de Zona and Yotuel performed a special version of “Patria y Vida”. Introduced, which it has become an anthem of sorts for those calling for the fall of the Castro regime, both inside and outside the island.

Earlier, a message was sent from Cuban artist Camila Cabello, who, wearing a T-shirt titled “Patria y Vida”, called on American and Latino youth in Spanish to support the protesters on the island.

“I am very proud of my Cuban blood and also proud of the people who have taken to the streets to lead change,” she said.

Earlier, Puerto Rican Farruco took the stage wearing a T-shirt that read “Singao Miguel Diaz-Canel” to refer to the Cuban president.

But one of the gala’s most emotional moments was when the public at the Watsco Center raised Venezuelan artist Chino Miranda, who appeared on television for the first time after more than a year battling serious problems caused by COVID-19.

Their separation in 2017 also marked the return of the Venezuelan duet Chino and Nacho. The cast performed a medley of their biggest hits such as “Me Nina Bonita” and “Andas en Mi Cabeza”, and they later sang “Quériendot”. , his first single. of his new album.

The guest of honor was Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee, who received the Agent of Change award for his fight against child hunger, as well as helping families affected by the passage of Hurricane “Maria”. She also won the Perfect Mix Award at these awards, chosen by popular vote of the audience.