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‘Power Prieto’ activist exposed racism on Thalía’s TikTok after recreating Marimar

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Thalía recreated “Marimar” 28 years later with the original dress she wore on Televisa (Photos: Instagram/@thalia/@televisaespectaculos)

Thalia He has stood out throughout his career not only for his musical career, but also for his acting career. Thus, after finding the dress that she used during the recordings of the telenovela Marimar He decided recharacterize the character. However, an activist from the collective tight power remarked that the clip had racist elements.

It was through your account TikTok where the singer hits like I don’t remember, who cares? either wrong He showed the characteristic dress she wore during the production of Televisa in 1994 and took the opportunity to characterize himself once again.

“I found it, people, the original little dress of Marimar the coastal (…), do we take it out to the sea?, but the first thing we have to recreate, ”he began to say.

The singer wore the original dress Photo Instagram @thalia
The singer wore the original dress Photo Instagram @thalia

In this sense, Thalía began to make a tutorial on how she combed her hair back then and later showed that for the skin I had to darken it daily with makeup.

“Let’s tan, gigantic brush, because I always tanned a lot. Now the body the Marimar original what I used was oil with many brown pigments and I smeared it all over my body, they made up my whole body (…) this was my daily routine, I am becoming Marimar again”, noted the famous

The video quickly went viral and reached more than 5.8 million views on TikTok and, although many of the fans of the soap opera were nostalgic with the momentor, the activist Láurel Miranda -activist of the collective Tight Power- noted from his account Instagram that the action carried out by Thalía on this occasion and the production of Televisa -years before during the filming of the melodrama- it was brown face.


SURPRISE 🤩 I had a lot of fun making this transformation video for all of you… although I have to admit, I also did it for myself… and I’m glad I had something hidden in it ❤️ #marimar #marimar4ever #Thalia #LasMarias

♬ Marimar – Thalia

Racism does not exist in Mexico, but historically we have had to face this, ”the journalist also began to say in an ironic tone and showed the fragment where Thalía spoke about how the skin was darkened with beauty products.

Also, Laurel added that her intention was not to attack the famous, but put racism on the table that has affected the country for many decades.

“Before anything happens, I want to clarify that I love Thalía and I had a lot of fun watching Marimar, I don’t even think Thalia herself realizes how troublesome the brown face what are you doing”.

what is brownface

According to Láurel Miranda, this concept can be understood as a form of segregate people with dark skin tones and give representation to white people or lighter complexion to play the roles.

“The term comes from black face, a customary practice in the first decades of cinema when people of color and Afro-descendants were not allowed to appear in the movies, in addition to the absurdity of this, the most violent thing is that white actors and actresses put on a lot of makeup to play black characters,” said the activist.

The singer wore the original dress Photo Instagram @thalia
The singer wore the original dress Photo Instagram @thalia

I do not intend to cancel Marimarbut what happens in Mexico when in 2022 the works, as the actress Maya Zapata recalls, are being monopolized by white people (…) the only way in which black actors and actresses are called to national productions is that these productions need thieves, criminals, sex workers, as Tenoch Huerta reminds us, ”said the UNAM academic.


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