Home Entertainment Poncho de Nigris tells a version about his domestic workers (VIDEO)

Poncho de Nigris tells a version about his domestic workers (VIDEO)

Poncho de Nigris tells a version about his domestic workers (VIDEO)

influential person poncho by nigriso He decided in early July to break his silence on the allegations leveled against him by two domestic workers and indicated that he would proceed legally.

Two women told that De Nigriso He misbehaved with them and misbehaved with them.

He took them to the best places

through your Instagram account Influencers said that he never treated her badly and always took women to the best places and restaurants, He was not short of anything and even made him sit at the table as part of the family.

“And what seems more dull is that Despite this, they risked the lives of our children.” he says in the recording.

To take care of your kids, not on vacation

Poncho clarified that he took both women with him along with his wife Marcella. cancun to the Garza Blanca Hotel just to take care of them Children.

They didn’t go on vacation nor did they clean Because they will devote themselves to creating content for their social networks.

in a room and without children

influential person He told that the day the incident happened, he and his wife asked the women to heed their words. kids because they’ll record in the hotel.

However, the couple were surprised when, after about 15 minutes of recording, they were in a room. domestic workers Sitting in bed without children.

to look for the little ones

“They were both sitting in bed at full speed… and I went in with Marcella and asked her ‘And the kids? And they say to me: ‘Wasn’t they with you’?At that moment you feel an emptiness, an agony, Marcella started screaming,” says Poncho in the video.

Poncho told that after searching for him The children found him on the ninth floor, Isabella (the youngest) found him walking in the planter (the balcony), while Ponchito (another of hers) Children) looked at him.

De Nigris said that after what happened He no longer wanted to talk to women and was limited only to asking: What happened?

“Inside, I wanted to grab them by … s”, said said influential person.

The women only answered that eThey thought the children were with the couple, which caused more annoyance influential person.

“No think question more where are weAsk about everything,” Poncho says.

trial in progress

finally influential person noted that he would no longer leave his Children with someone, Only with someone who truly loves them, “someone from the family.”

We have already proceeded legally, we do not declare anything, Only legally, these women are from the state of Mexico, it sent illegally to the United States and the other I don’t know,” he said, according to abcnoticias.mx.

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