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Poncho de Nigris says that he was discriminated against in a club because he was muscular; networks criticize him: “royal at last”

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nigris poncho, once again caused controversyafter announcing that he has been discriminated against. Although this show of rejection was not precisely because of skin color or socioeconomic level but for being “very muscular”. We tell you what the former Big Brother member said and why he was criticized.

It was through his social networks where Poncho de Nigris caused a tremendous stir by confessing that he had experienced discrimination firsthand, since he had been rejected because of his physical appearance – a muscular body.

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He indicated that racism has always existed, but that the “crystal generation today hurts everything.” In this sense, he clarified that on one occasion he was rejected for being muscular:

“Chain racism has always existed, only now the crystal generation hurts everything. I was denied entry to a club because I was very Sucked. Those were other times… “, he indicated on his Twitter account.

As expected, his message caused a stir, they criticized him because he related racism to his muscular body, which is accepted in society, contrary to what happens with fat or not toned bodies.

“God always gives his worst battles to his best warriors, we don’t deserve you Poncho”; “If there is also discrimination the other way around”; “Just because your generation has been lukewarm and stooping doesn’t mean that the new generations have to be the same”; “Regio al fin”, reads between the reactions.


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