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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Poncho de Nigris reveals a bad relationship with Adal Ramones: “Very envious”

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Although he has many friends in the entertainment scene, Poncho de Nigris also has bad relationships with some celebrities, for example, with the driver Adal Ramonesas revealed by the influencer in an interview.

On the comedian’s podcast Sergio ImprovedDe Nigris recalled that years ago “the Adal Ramones came up with it… I don’t know if it was because they took his brother out, but he threw shit at me… very slouch”.

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“Then I said: ‘I’m leaving here, making many enemies on this side to go grow, go there to continue evolving and growing, to reach more people, and those from here before I arrive are throwing me’. It was a war on all sides: Televisa threw me, Multimedios threw me, and I endured like the greats”, he added.

Then, he returned to the subject of his bad relationship with the driver: “The Adal Ramones said many things there, he let go, there is a video out there that I saw a little while ago and I got hot, but I have not seen it since, I have never seen it, I hope I never see it”.

“Never so good, like he was very envious of the people from Monterrey”, he pointed out about how were the occasions that he was interviewed by Ramones in the program Another roll.

“When I left big brother I also went to Another rollinterviewed me and always trying to mock, always minimizing”, he concluded on the subject.


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