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Poncho De Nigris assured that he was ‘racialized’ in a club for being muscular: “Now everything hurts for the glass ones”

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Poncho De Nigris was criticized (Photo: Facebook/Exa Monterrey 97.3 FM)

After the controversy that surrounded a restaurant of the chain Sonora Grill Group located in Polanco de la CDMX, where racism and discrimination against customers were denounced, reactions on social networks they did not wait.

But, although many Internet users called it unacceptable that customers were segregated depending on their skin color, Poncho de Nigris had a very different opinion about it and took the opportunity to attack the new generations that denounced the facts.

It was through your account Twitter where the influencer took up the recent restaurant scandal and noted that this was not something new in the country.

“Racism has always existed cadenero”, he began to write.

But, what could seem like a condemnation of what happened, became a strange complaint by the famous, because the former television presenter assured that in the past he was discriminated against in a bar for being muscular.

Only now the crystal generation hurts everything. I was denied entry to a club because I was very drunk. Those were other times…”, she sentenced.

Poncho de Nigris said he was discriminated against for being muscular (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)
Poncho de Nigris said he was discriminated against for being muscular (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and several of them attacked the artist, as they claimed that his comments were out of place.

“Just because your generation has been lukewarm and crouching doesn’t mean that the new generations have to be the same.” “That’s not even racism. Why do they take something as detestable as that so lightly?”. “The net wey, if you have nothing to say, don’t say anything, you’re welcome for the advice,” Internet users pointed out.

What happened at the Sonora Grill Prime in Polanco

The controversy broke out after multiple users on social networks denounced that in the branch located on Calle Presidente Masaryk in the colony Polanco -one of the most exclusive in Mexico City-, the workers of the luxurious restaurant chain classified their customers by their skin colorbeing the Caucasians who blew to have the best tables in the place.

It was through the Twitter account Horror Restaurants Mx that alleged employees and former employees disclosed the mode of operation of the luxurious restaurant, since people with Caucasian features are sent to a more “exclusive” section and the treatment is different compared to diners whose skin complexion is dark.

The restaurant chain was branded as racist PHOTO: GRACIELA LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM
The restaurant chain was branded as racist PHOTO: GRACIELA LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

A) Yes, The establishment is divided into two zones: the first call”mousse” -where Caucasian people are located- and the other known as “gandhi”, in which they place the rest of the clients.

This situation quickly caused annoyance in internet users, who made the situation viral to the point that the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination of Mexico City (Copred) reported that an ex officio investigation file was opened against.

In addition, the president of Copred, Geraldina González de la Vega, notified the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office – where the restaurant is located – to verify if it is indeed engaging in racist acts.

For its part, Sonora Grill Group released a statement in which He “flatly” denied any racist act or discrimination in his establishmentsas they assured that they have always worked to create an “inclusive environment”.


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