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Pokémon will have a theme park in Japan

Pokémon will have a theme park in Japan

A Pokémon park will be available to be visited in Tokyo, Japan. This is how he made it known The Pokémon Company through a statement.

The park will be called Pokémon Wonder and will have 4,500 square meters. In the place, visitors will be able to walk along different paths where they will be able to observe statues of various of these “pocket Monsters”.

Photo: The Pokemon Company

This park will be located behind Yomiuriland, the largest amusement park in Tokyo, which has a huge forest that has been without visitors for several years.

However, Pokémon Wonder will only be open for a short time, as it will open its doors on July 17, 2021 and will close on April 3, 2022.

The Pokémon will be hidden inside the park in nature, so visitors will have to sharpen their vision to be able to see them, since they will only be 90 minutes on the tour.

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