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Platanito responds to Gaby Ramírez’s accusation of harassment; he accepts that he touched her: “it was a sketch”

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Sergio Verduzcobetter known as plantainwas recently involved in controversy, after Gaby Ramírez, host of Gossip No Likeaccused him of allegedly harassing her Y sexually touched while recording a television program. In the midst of the strong accusations, the comedian decided to break the silence and clarify everything.

According to Platanito, he did not harass Gaby Ramírez. He indicated that the touching he is accused of was actually part of the show.

Gaby Ramírez accuses “Platanito” of sexually harassing her; she had to apologize: “they forced me to bring her flowers”

In an interview for Gossip, Banana defended himself. The comedian accepted that he did touch Gaby Ramírez’s chest; however, it was part of an alleged skit.

“It’s true, he did touch his chest, but it was part of a sketch and this was the live show, that is, there is nothing hidden, that’s how the show came out,” revealed one of the hosts of Chismorreo, who attended the show and took the opportunity to question it.


He also indicated that supposedly no one forced Gaby Ramírez to apologize as the famous one mentioned.

“Liberman prohibited her from entering the studio in Los Angeles, and then Gaby Ramírez, worried, said ‘hey, what am I doing because Platanito is very angry’, then it occurred to her to send him the flowers, it’s not that they forced her to send her the flowers,” he said.

Finally, presumably the reason why she was removed from the television station was because Ramírez mentioned that what happened in the sketch could have generated a lawsuit:

“When the program ends nine years ago, someone tells Gaby Ramírez, it is the version that Platanito tells me, that this could generate a lawsuit, and then he is going to claim the director of the channel at that time, Liberman, and he He got angry, he told him ‘you already knew what the sketch was, like why are you going to sue us, and he said ‘I don’t want to know anything more about you and he banned Estrella TV from entering,’ added the Chismorreo presenter.

So far Gaby Ramírez has not clarified if it was a sketch or if she was not informed about the subject.

Gaby Ramírez’s version against Platanito

It was on the showGossip No Like where Gaby Ramírez decided to break the silence about the time she was allegedly the victim of Sergio Verduzco, Platanito, in a television program Star TV. According to her testimony, Sergio Verduzco allegedly grabbed her body without her consent:

“He grabbed my chest, he knows, he grabbed me without my permission and without my consideration,” said Gaby Ramírez, television host

Gaby Ramírez mentioned that on that occasion, “Platanito” was very successful, so it was difficult to face what happened:

“It turns out that one day they invited me to the ‘Show de Platanito’… we were doing the normal contest when suddenly he says, ‘well, thank you very much, it’s over, thank you very much Karina for being there and she grabs a little banana and does it like that to me – she shows how she touched her without their consent –”, indicated Gaby Ramírez.


The driver mentioned that at that moment she was shocked. However, she went to a local authority to tell him what had happened:

“I was like an idiot, -wondering if it was- part of the skit, ‘what did he say, slap him? I was cold, so I grabbed and went to the control room, in the past the owner, Mr. Liberman, was there, and I told him, ‘Listen, did you give the order for Platanito to grab my bust?’ “, he recalled Gaby Ramirez.


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