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Placido Domingo to sing at Teatro Colón after 24 years

Placido Domingo returns to the stage Colon Theater 50 years after his debut in Argentina Already 24 before his last visit. great singer will perform this Thursday 7 April8 p.m. – Inside the Great International Performers Cycle – with the Theater’s Stable Orchestra, under the music direction of Master Jordi Bernser and Uruguayan soprano performances Maria Jose Siri.

Apart from this, there will also be another function on the same platform – Sunday at 10 o’clock in the evening – 5:00 PM. For the benefit of those affected by the war Ukraine, which will feature Argentine mezzo-soprano Guadalupe Barrientos.

On Thursday, the concert will be composed of various pieces by famous musicians such as Giuseppe Verdi, Umberto Giordano, Hector Berlioz, Ambrose Thomas and Jules Massenet. On Sundays, there are works by Francesco Cilia, Geronimo Jiménez, Reveriano Soutullo and Juan Vert, Jose Serrano, Ruperto Chapi, Pablo Sorozabal, Raveriano Soutullo, Federico Moreno Toroba, Francisco Asenzo Barberi and Amadeo Vives.

Plácido Domingo will perform with Uruguayan soprano María Jose Siri.

Plácido Domingo will perform with Uruguayan soprano María Jose Siri.


Artists after arriving in our country on Tuesday was received by the theatre’s general director, Georg Tellermann., Once established in Colón’s dressing room 6, Placido Domingo built his tone to prepare the firstI testing. And from there, accompanied by soprano María Jose Siri, he went on stage where he greeted the theater technicians and staff with great enthusiasm. At the same time, the artist decided not to give interviews or press conferences (so far).

The rehearsals were held in the legendary Bicentenary Hall.The third is located in the basement, where the “King of Jarzuela” began to prepare his performances in the presence of the Köln Orchestra under the tutelage of maestro Jordi Bernuser.

Having just arrived at our Max Coliseum, the artist distributed congratulations among the technicians.

Having just arrived at our Max Coliseum, the artist distributed congratulations among the technicians.

Opera as a Popular Boom

First tenor and then baritone, Placido Domingo is a singer with a vast operatic repertoire—which has also expanded to popular music: ranchers, tangos, boleros—he is also an orchestra conductor, and has worked in two opera companies ( in Los Angeles) as director. , by him and founded in Washington). Throughout his career he recorded More than 4,000 performances in which he brought to life about 150 roles.

But, perhaps, the great merit of Placido Domingo To turn the opera into a mass eventand has been marked by popularity before and after in the genre, reached by the proposal of 3 stints—in which he collaborated with Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras—, And that it reached a universal projection, combining lyrical works and popular songs.

At 81, her career includes making milestones Operalia International Music Competitionfrom which new voices emerged—including Argentine soprano Virginia Tola.

He was also the World Ambassador for Spanish Culture and Jarzuela. He was a performer at the world premiere of operas, starred in films, and It won 12 Grammy Awards. In addition, he worked as a director with over 600 performances. His career continues for more than half a century and for this he is celebrated in the New York, Vienna, Verona and Milan operas.

at the same time that he became the leader of operalia projecta contest created by him, from which new voices emerged, Among them the Argentine soprano Virginia Toll’s,

His status as a world personality allowed him to participate in important political, social and cultural events, such as the 20th anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as a hero or as a witness. And he was blessed by the five popes he had met.

A stop in rehearsal, with Maria Jose Siri.

A stop in rehearsal, with Maria Jose Siri.

Reported and canceled

The presence of great tenor, of course, cannot be separated from the dark and controversial side that has been around the singer. for three years, on multiple charges of sexual assault. But neither Covid-19 (he contracted the disease in 2020 and recovered) nor these complaints have managed to stop the opera legend’s career.

He shaded it though, and that’s not enough reason to be sure the case is a closed one. “How do you say ‘no’ to God?” Thought – and thinks – Patricia Wolf. She and Angela Turner Wilson were the only singers who dared to name themselves in 2019 when they accused Tenor. Wolf described her as “a hunter” who followed her in bed with him in the 1980s.

The most dire forecasts dictated that Domingo would find no support in the United States and—if his career continued—he would have to focus on Russia and Asia.

Actually, the singer All his appearances in Spain were cancelled. In 2020, he was to appear at Madrid’s Teatro Real (to perform) traviataVerdi), later at the Ubeda Festival in the Iberian South, and finally, no less than the Teatro de la Sarzuela, the Symbol Hall of Madrid.

It also got great media coverage. Its cancellation at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow – Announced on November 25 last year – where he was also going to sing traviata, without going into detailYes, the Bolshoi told that Placido Domingo was “not feeling well”. And he said: “The part of Giorgio Germont will be played by Stanislav Kufluk.”

Faced with this series of complaints, Domingo suggested in his defense – via a statement – that he had always believed that their “conversations and relationships” were “welcome and consensual”. And in February 2020 he apologized to the women who accused him ofFor the “pain” he had created, assuming full “responsibility” for the actions he had taken.

Unforgettable moments

Placido Domingo was received by the theatre's general director, José Telerman.

Placido Domingo was received by the theatre’s general director, José Telerman.

During these five decades of relationship with the Teatro Colón, let us highlight some of the artist’s unforgettable productions, such as power of luckIn 1972, fanciulla of the west (1979), othello (1981), rough (1982), Samson and Delilah (1997) and fedora (nineteen ninety eight)to name a few.

To measure this in his art, it is pertinent to mention two qualifications: “Best of All Time”A jury of sixteen critics convened by the magazine was determined. bbc music magazinein 2008.

Or what critic and author Etore Mo said: “When Luciano Pavarotti was dying, he only wanted to hear the voice of Placido Domingo.”


Thursday 7

Giuseppe Verdi: overture of I Vespari Sicilian, Madame Valery (La Travita). AndDid you? Look, Deserbe, Il Trovatore. Umberto Giordano: nemico della petria, Andrea Chenier: dead mother. Hector Berlioz: The Corsair, Op. 21. Ambrose Thomas: O Vin, La Tristese, destroy Hamlet. Jules Massenet: Plurez Plurez, Me Us, El Cid.

sunday 10

Giuseppe Verdi: overture of power of destiny Thou, che le vanita konosesti… (Don Carlo). Perfidi… Pietâ, rispetto, amore… (Macbeth). And Have you… Look, Deserbe (Il Trovatore). Umberto Giordano: Nemico della Pateria (Andrea Chenier), Francesco Cilia Acerba: Volta (Adriana Lekovur), Geronimo Gimenez: Intermediate Luis Alonso’s wedding. Reveriano Soutulo and Juan Vert: I want to be exiled (the one with the grove of vines).

IJose Serrano: What does it matter if he doesn’t come? (Carnations). Ruperto Chapi: Jailer (Daughters of Zebdi). Pablo Sorozabal: It just can’t be! (port inn). Reveriano Soutulo and Juan Vert: The legend of the kiss Federico Moreno Toroba: In My Land of Extremadura (Luisa Fernanda). Francisco Asenzo Barberi: Song of Paloma (Barber of Lavapis). Amadeo Wives: Fandango (Donna Francisquita). Pablo Sorozabal: I have been coming to the workshop for a long time (with a bunch of roses).


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