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Monday, August 8, 2022

Pistolero tries to ‘intimidate’ Los Dos Carnales in full concert

  • Pistolero accesses the Los Dos Carnales concert and takes out their gun.
  • Try to intimidate the group in full presentation.
  • One of the brothers defends himself and responds to the armed man.

Gunslinger The Two Carnal. A tragedy joins the world of entertainment. Without a doubt, this 2022 has been very hard with several celebrities, because so far this year we have witnessed the various moments that the stars have gone through, and to tell the truth, the tragedies do not stop.

Whether through social networks or the media, celebrities make known the personal situations they go through, information has recently been released about a Mexican group that was involved in a moment full of tension and danger in the midst of concert.

They pull the gun on Los Dos Carnales in full concert

Gunslinger The Two Carnal

A video began to circulate through social networks that caught the attention of many, in the middle of the Los Dos Carnales concert there was a moment of tension and even the members of the Mexican group put themselves at risk because an armed person entered the place where they offered their presentation.

It all happened on July 25 when the brothers from the Comarca Lagunera offered a concert in the municipality of Ario de Rosales, just as they were playing the famous theme of ‘The Million Question’, it was when a gunman tried to intimidate the singers of the regional Mexican. Filed Under: Gunman intimidates Los Dos Carnales.

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