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Piqué leaves the meeting with Shakira angry to decide the future of his children

Since Shakira Y Gerard Piqué publicly announce their separation, the most worrying thing has been knowing what will happen to their children Sasha Y Milan. Who will they spend more time with? Where will they go to live?

At one point it was known that the ex-partner could go to trial after not agreeing on the issue of custody of minors.

Now, knowing that it is always better to reach an agreement than to leave the decision in the hands of a judge, the celebrities met in the office of Ramon DrummerPiqué’s lawyer, to speak on the subject.

According to the Barcelona newspaper The vanguardthe mediation meeting did not end quite well after Piqué, apparently “fed up” with the time the negotiations are taking, got up from the table and left the office earlier than expected.

What annoys the athlete is the numerous clauses and counteroffers from the other party that would be lengthening the process, says the newspaper.

The fact is that the Colombian singer arrived at the appointment smiling and with a very good face, while the Catalan soccer player remained much more serious, according to the media that were on the spot.

For his part, in the photos Piqué looks very worried and even annoyed, not as in a good mood as his former partner.

When the reporters asked Tamborero if some kind of agreement had been reached at the meeting, the lawyer replied “we are working on it,” according to the Europa Press agency.

The lawyer, who was very discreet with his statements, said that regarding the issue of how long each one will be with their children, or if they will stay to live in Barcelona, ​​”we are also working on it.” That is, the ex-partner has not yet agreed on how they will manage in the future with her children.

“The meeting has gone very well,” said the lawyer. But he assured that “there is never a last encounter” and that “I cannot give more information” about the case.

As previously reported by the Spanish news portal Informaliathe ex-partner does not quite agree on the requests that each one puts on the table.

According to a close source cited by that website, Shakira’s proposals are “absolutely unaffordable” for Piqué, since the singer’s wishes would have been to move with her little ones to her Miami mansion.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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