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‘Piolín’ finds the boy who was despised by Chicharito (VIDEO)

  • The famous radio host visits Kevin, the boy that Chicharito ‘rejected’
  • Tweety gave him the best of surprises
  • The little boy’s mother confesses how difficult it has been to be a single mother.

Tweety finds a boy scorned by Chicharito. The Mexican LA Galaxy player was in controversy last week after a video was released all over the internet, where he despises a poor child who only wanted a photograph or an autograph. This video raised a lot of hatred towards the Mexican.

People couldn’t explain how they could reject a child like that who was only going to meet his idol. But the youtuber with more than 600 thousand subscribers known as “El Piolín” talked with the boy that Chicharito rejected and better yet, he gave him a surprise that no one expected.

Tweety comes to visit his house

Tweety finds child scorned by Chicharito

The radio host and youtuber visited Kevin’s house, the boy who went viral after Chicharito rejected a photograph of him. During the video, little Kevin talks to El Piolín about what he felt when he saw his idol make him “ugly”.

“When I left the stadium, Chicharito didn’t sign me and I was kind of sad. I was like what happened? I didn’t think that was going to happen, “confessed little Kevin. Kevin’s mom talked to Tweety about how difficult it has been for her to get ahead as a single mom, to the point of tears. Filed Under: Tweety finds boy scorned by Chicharito

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