Pierce Brosnan’s wife: everything you need to know about Keely Shaye Smith, plus her past marriage

Pierce Brosnan has been with his wife for 20 years and the couple have two children together. Learn more about Keely Shaye Smith here.

Pierce Brosnan, 68 years old, has been a fixture in the entertainment industry, ever since he burst onto the London West End theatrical scene and then began making appearances in movies and TV shows. He played the main role in the crime drama Remington steele from 1982 to 1987, but his biggest break came in 1995, when he played the role of James Bond in the film Golden eye. Pierce has played the iconic spy for four films, the last being 2002. Die another day. Throughout his career, Pierce has been married twice. He has been with his current wife Keely Shaye Smith since their marriage in 2001. Find out everything you need to know about their relationship here!

Who is Pierce Brosnan’s wife?

Pierce’s wife is journalist Keely Shaye Smith. Before becoming a journalist, Keely dabbled in acting with small roles in the 1980s. She appeared in an episode of General hospital in 1989, as well as the TV movie Norman’s corner in 1987, and the film The adversary in 1988, via IMDb. After her acting roles, she was a correspondent in various shows like Unsolved mysteries. She also directed and co-produced (alongside her husband) the 2017 documentary Poisoned paradise, which exposes the environmental problems in Hawaii. Keely showed his passion for animals and the environment on his Instagram. She posted a photo of a giant sea turtle on May 22 for Endangered Species Day to encourage people to help protect animals.

Pierce Brosnan'S Wife: Everything You Need To Know About Keely Shaye Smith, Plus Her Past Marriage - Light Home News
Pierce, 68, and Keeley, 58, have been married since 2001. (Shutterstock)

How long have Pierce and Keely been together?

Pierce first met Keely in 1994 while in Mexico, according to his website. The couple ended up getting married in a ceremony in Pierce’s home country of Ireland on August 4, 2001. After 20 years of marriage, the couple still seem to be in love. The Mom mia The actor shared a photo of his wife for her 58th birthday on September 26 and paid tribute to her. “My beautiful, luscious sweetheart Keely on his 58th trip around the sun yesterday,” he captioned the post. He also said that his “love grows forever” with Keely in a sweet birthday positiont. Keely wrote that the Bond actor was “always the only one” in a novel Instagram post for their 20th anniversary.

Do Pierce and Keely have children?

Keely gave birth to the couple’s eldest son Dylan, 24, January 13, 1997. Dylan graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts, from which he graduated in 2020. He is a model, has acted a bit in films like the short film Iconic, and he sang for the group Raspberry Blonde. His little brother Paris, 20 years old, was born February 27, 2001. Like his brother, he is also a model and has appeared in shows for Dolce & Gabbana. Paris shares a lot in common with her parents, and said HollywoodLife in 2019 that he shares his parents’ environmental goals. “Both of my parents work in the entertainment industry, and both are passionate environmentalists as well. I once heard my mother say, “A society thrives when old people plant trees that they know they will never be able to sit in the shade,” he said. “The most important thing we can do to help fight climate change is to choose a cause we believe in that is genuine to our lives and our individual values. “

Has Pierce ever been married?

Before meeting Keely, Pierce was married to the actress Cassandra harris from 1980 until his death in 1991 from ovarian cancer at the age of 43. Cassandra had two children from her first marriage with Dermot harris, with whom she was married from 1970 to 1978. After Dermot’s death in 1986, Pierce adopted his two sons Christophe, 49 years old and girl Charlotte, who also died of a battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 41 in 2013. Together, Pierce and Cassandra had a son Sean, 38, in September 1983.

Pierce Brosnan'S Wife: Everything You Need To Know About Keely Shaye Smith, Plus Her Past Marriage - Light Home News
Before meeting Keely, Pierce was married to Cassandra Harris from 1980 until her death in 1991. (Shutterstock)

Cassandra actually appeared in a James Bond movie before her husband took on the nickname 007. She played Lisl in the 1981s. Just for your eyes, who played Roger moore like the super spy. Pierce opened up about Cassandra’s battle with cancer in a 1997 interview with Cigar lover. “When your partner has cancer, life changes. Your schedule and your benchmark for your normal routines and your way of looking at life, all this change, ”he said. “It was and is a terrible loss.”

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