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‘Pharma Bro vs. Wu-Tang Clan’ doc breaks down Martin Shkreli scandal (Exclusive clip)

'Pharma Bro vs. Wu-Tang Clan' doc breaks down Martin Shkreli scandal (Exclusive clip)

The latest episode of TNT’s true-crime docuseries turns its attention to the fallout surrounding the convicted hedge fund manager.

latest episode of rich and shamelessTNT’s true-crime anthology documentary turns its attention to the scandal surrounding Martin Shkreli, a former hedge fund manager convicted of securities fraud in 2017. In an exclusive preview of ET Pharma Bro Vs Wu-Tang ClanThe Doctor breaks down how the iconic rap group came to the attention surrounding “the most hated person in America”.

“It got into Shkreli’s hands and that’s when everything just stopped,” Ghostface says in the Killah clip, referring to the group’s secret seventh studio album, Once Upon a Time in ShaolinWhich was auctioned to the highest bidder in 2015.

It was soon revealed that the winner was Shkreli, who was still the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. Around the same time, Turing obtained a manufacturing license for the HIV/AIDS drug Daraprim and raised its price from $13 to $750 per pill, a decision that was criticized by industry, politicians and activists alike.

What follows is a bizarre story that pits convicted rookie against one of the most famous rap groups of all time, resulting in Shkreli’s arrest on charges unrelated to the Daraprim scandal, while Sacred Album is in the hands of the Justice Department. Finished. ,

Pharma Bro Vs Wu-Tang ClanWhich premieres Saturday, May 8 on TNT after the NBA playoffs, follows episodes about the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sextape scandal, the mysterious death of crypto millionaire Gerald Cotton, Seagram successor Claire Bronfman’s involvement in NXIVM, the NBA The disappearance of the great Bison Dele at Sea, fashion mogul Peter Nygaard’s search for eternal youth, and more.

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