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Peter Lanzani: Talent on many fronts

If we make a list of things that we have pending, why not make a list with all the things that make us happy? This is what the English playwrights Duncan Macmillan and Johnny Donahoe proposed. wonderful thingswork with Peter Lanzani,

IBut there’s a twist at work: the narrator’s protagonist prepares that list for her mother, who is going through a critical moment of health, and when she reviews her life, it’s also the little things that don’t exist. are necessary to maintain. ,

The one-person show, which has already toured several cities around the world, premiered its local version starring Peter Lanzani, directed by Dalia Elnecv (and translated by Pablo Gershnik) at the Comafi Multitetro on Monday and Tuesday. Done with performance. “One of the producers, Bruno Piedmontese, offered it to me, and as soon as I read it, I started rolling my eyes,” says the actor.

"I started crying in the sea", Lanzani admits, he did when he finished reading the work.  Photos German Garcia Adrasti

“I started crying in the sea”, Lanzani admits, he did when he finished reading the work. Photos German Garcia Adrasti

What was the most shocking thing about the story?

-It crossed me, because of the subject and how it is told. He talks about finding light in the midst of darkness and it is interesting how you can achieve a deeper connection with yourself through laughter. The boy writes for his mother the list he thinks of all the wonderful things that exist in the world, and which connects him to his life story and all of his moods.

The purpose of this calculation is to help your mother with depression, to remind her of everything that is worth living, the simplest things and those that are usually most easily lost.

It is like that, they get out of hand in everyday life because of everything that crosses us. But we have to fall in love again with life, with work, with our partner. You can love someone, but you’re not always in love and that’s okay. The challenge is to be able to fall in love again and continue building. The more you turn away from people and get into your own armor, the less you will know about those reasons.

For Lanzani, One-Man talks about "finding light in the midst of darkness."

For Lanzani, One-Man talks about “finding light in the midst of darkness.”

Many versions of this work have been made around the world, have you seen any?

-No, but I know it doesn’t change much as it deals with universal themes, except that the translation has the impression of each country to bring it closer to the people. This is a beautiful, poetic, simple text. And he talks openly.

-The job needs some privacy,

-Yes, because you make people jump into the void and when it happens, you have to stop it later. It’s like that trust game where you close your eyes and let someone else catch you. That’s what we want, and it’s a challenge and a commitment at the same time.

Another challenge should also be the fact of being alone on stage,

Absolutely, despite the fact that she interacts a lot with the public, trust is needed, because hand in hand. For me this job is more of a meeting than a job.

The actor says that he was the one who chose Elnecave to direct it. “With oatmeal we get a stage in which we can all look more into each other’s eyes, and that’s ideal for this theme. It makes me happy because I chose oatmeal. She’s a very sensitive person. And one of my great teachers. We had to do something together and this work is ideal.”

Regarding mental health, he says, "The play draws on a subject that is taboo, which everyone avoids."

Regarding mental health, he says, “The play draws on a subject that is taboo, which everyone avoids.”

The play addresses the issue of mental health, something that is not very common in theatre.

-It’s so interesting, it delves into a topic that’s taboo, which everyone avoids, but it also appeals to it in a relaxed, stripped-down way, with humor and love. I think this work comes down to playing the role of Jagriti.

With the pandemic, many mental health issues that were in the background were exacerbated. Now it seems impossible to ignore it.

-It is that they are issues that we have all experienced, at some point in life. Some suffer more and some less, but no one escapes from it. A person shuts himself down, or doesn’t want to show his feelings and it’s the opposite. If we don’t break out of the shell, we don’t gain empathy, and without empathy, we don’t gain a company. And so the communication and sensitivity response is lost.

"Happiness, if it is not shared, does not exist," he says aloud.

“Happiness, if it is not shared, does not exist,” he says aloud.

In today’s world it seems the opposite: selfishness, narcissism, individualism…

This is the greatest challenge of all humanity, I believe, because happiness, if it is not shared, does not exist. There are many customs, what to do and what not to do and how to do it, everything is very corrupt.

It takes time to change.

– To be able to be vulnerable takes its process, I guess it’s only for the brave. But it is a way worth traveling. You have to be optimistic to move forward. For me the world is divided between those who see the glass as half full or half empty. I see it as half full.

From “Almost Angels” to “The Kingdom”

Lanjani is 31 years old and has been working since the age of 15 almost angelChris Murray’s teen production, and over time he became a frequent feature of national cinema clan, angel And now, as part of the cast of the Netflix miniseries, Empire.

Peter is 31 years old, and from "Casey Angeles" he came to the "El clan".

Peter is 31 years old, and from “Casey Angeles” he came to the “El clan”.

-Platforms give you lots of international visibility. How do you present yourself in your career in a few years?

-I really do not know. I am interested in telling stories. And for now it doesn’t matter to me where he is. I don’t sleep well about casting in other countries, but I do feel like going for a specific job a few times, depending on the stories and projects that appear. I am interested if something happens in another country, it is natural and not specifically asked for. I do a great job here.

-Is it difficult for you to choose the type of characters you want to play?

I choose a lot about what I want to do, they have to arouse sympathy in me for them to do it. And if I don’t find that, I’ll have to find tools to tell it somehow. I’m passionate about what I do, otherwise I wouldn’t do it at all because it’s too intense.

You started your profession when you were very young. Have you ever had doubts about your business?

At first something like this happened to me, especially because I started a little by chance, but later I realized that I was passionate about it. But not only acting, but also writing, directing, working behind the camera with the technical team and learning. At this point in time, I don’t know if I know how to do anything else.

He is recording the second season of "El Reno", directed by Marcelo Pinero.

He is recording the second season of “El Reno”, directed by Marcelo Pinero.

– Have you ever regretted it?

– Every time I see myself saying: ‘What did I choose this for?’But when you see yourself in a movie, you more or less like it, or in a play like wonderful thingsI confirm again that I like it.

The issue is whether to continue to choose with the passage of time.

We have that possibility and at the same time have the responsibility to do it. Choosing is the only superpower that we humans have. But like all superpowers, it also has a bad side. And that’s why sometimes we are wrong, whether we have many choices or very few, although I think that’s the fun part, sometimes being wrong.

What caught your attention before you devoted yourself to acting as a boy?

I wanted to be an athlete, something I obviously couldn’t do anymore. I played rugby all my life, but I was also very fond of watching any sport. I also did tennis, golf, volleyball. But he did not have conditions. I love watching Olympics. In the last Olympics, I was shaken by the effort of a runner. Sports, like acting, have some passion and emotion to put into the body.

“I don’t do therapy, but I do like to listen to myself when I’m upset or angry,” he confesses.

– This single, does it have anything to do with your moment of greater maturity, both professionally and personally?

– It’s a little bit of everything. I have gained some experience till now and I work on myself too, I am always in that search, listening to myself. As an actor, it’s fundamental, you have to know where the anger, anguish, jealousy, envy, all the emotions come from, in order to make your characters as truthful as possible afterwards.

– How do you do that search? Medicine, with meditation?

I consider myself alive, I like to do, live, listen. I don’t do therapy, but I like to listen to myself when I’m bad or angry, I don’t let those moments pass. My method for my characters is to create one character after another. You always have to be ready to support yourself in good and bad times as both extremes are bad and sooner or later, the tab falls on you.

Now, in addition to theatrical performances on Monday and Tuesday at Multitetro, Lanzani is in the midst of filming the series’ second season. Empirefrom netflix.

-What interests you most about the story and your character in this second part of the series?

It’s a tremendous story that requires a great deal of commitment so as not to disrespect. I can’t tell much, but just as the first season had a lot of presentation of characters, environments, posing situations, now it goes a step further and goes deeper into the mud, which is a lot. It goes deep.

Rather reserved (“I have nothing interesting to say when I’m not working,” he says), Peter spends most of his time writing. “I write a little bit of everything, I don’t know if some of it will be a script or a play, who knows. I’m trying.”

A great consumer of movies, the actor assures that he watches everything to learn. “I live with a friend who is a cinematographer and we watch a lot of movies. Suddenly we find a Japanese or Korean director and we watch everything. Or classic things and we find little gems.”

As part of the younger generation, what do you think is the best contribution?

I think that each era had its good things and others not so much and some good things that were lost. Basically, we are all united by the fact that no one chose to come into the world, but we are here by the decision of two other people. And it’s beautiful too. Then there is our role and since we are here, it is about learning and giving our best on a daily basis.

– Reach a point of convergence and equilibrium.

-If everyone did it, it would be as easy as proposed in the task. So I think it’s great that with art you can talk about these things because it always inspires you. After watching a play you never leave it, even if you didn’t like it, something shook you already.

(Thanks for the location for the photos, Hotel Four Seasons).


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