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Pete Davidson Says Kanye West Drama ‘Goes Through a Really Strange Thing’ in New Standup Set

Pete Davidson is addressing the play. Last week, for the first time in three years, saturday night live Star takes the stage for a sold-out performance on the first night Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival At the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

It didn’t take long for the comedian to reference girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye “Yeh” West. Davidson opened his set by talking to Davidson about the 44-year-old rapper who claimed to have AIDS. He joked that he really believes in West because “he’s a genius.”

The 28-year-old comedian also quipped about West trying to win back his family by dressing up as his nanny, just like Robert Williams’ character in the 1993 film did. Mrs. Doubtfire,

“Is anyone else secretly hoping Kanye pulls up, like Mrs. Doubt? I come home one day and they say, ‘It’s the new housekeeper,’ and he’s like, ‘What’s up, family? !'” Davidson cracked.

Davidson also admitted that the feud between him and West was “a really strange thing” and that none of his friends offered any advice to him.

“Nobody was like that,'[OK,] It’s what you do,” Davidson said. “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh yeah… you’re living with your mom? Are you in a safe place?'”

While working on a track with West for his friend Jack Harlow, Davidson told the audience that he wasn’t surprised because they’re both rappers and that’s “what they do.”

However, Davidson joked, “If I saw Bill Burr it would hurt my feelings.” [Kanye’s] Sunday service.”

impersonation thunder, his Staten Island Co-star and fellow comedian, Davidson quipped, “He’ll be like, ‘Find God, Patty. Go yourself.'”

Davidson also said that after West started boasting about him, he never knew how the public would react to him. “Many people are very angry at me,” he said. “Yeah, it’s always 50-50. ‘Hey, man, you’re so cool.’ Or someone is like, ‘Yo, f**k u, f**k u. Yep, u.’ I’m always like, ‘It can’t be me.'”

As fans know, after Davidson began dating Kardashian — including in her new music video for “Easy” — illnesses from West in real life were over.

Also during his set, the comedian recalled going to a basketball game with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart in December 2021, noting what he calls “premature”.

“Life before it’s over,” he said, noting that terrible things happened to him and The Rock afterward. To his fellow comic, he was Will Smith’s now-infamous slap at the 2022 Oscars. For Davidson, it was banging his head in one of West’s music videos.

The comedian’s return to the stage is also his most recent comedy performance, noting that he has not appeared in the last two. SNL episode.

Nevertheless, his acting resume continued with roles in upcoming films, including bodies bodies bodies, Good morning! And meet cuteWhich also stars Kelly Cuoco.

Meanwhile, ET learns that West has been busy taking care of himself. A source said, “Kanye is lying down and focusing on healing. He’s trying to break away from all the drama between him and Kim.” “He’s focused on taking care of himself, getting healthy and taking himself away from all the madness. He cares about his family and kids a lot. They’re his number one priority and he’s working on himself.”

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