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Pete Davidson & Miley Cyrus Remix Will Smith’s Hit “Miami” For Wild NYE Special Opening

Pete Davidson & Miley Cyrus Remix Will Smith's Hit

Welcome to Miami! Miley Cyrus looked gorgeous and ready for 2022 in a glamorous NYE ​​outfit as she hosted “Miley’s New Years Party” with Pete Davidson, and the pair were killed in a deadly opening!

Party in the hot city! Miley Cyrus, 29, promised an unforgettable farewell to 2021 and she did NOT disappoint! Miley opened her NBC and Peacock special, Miley’s New Years Party special with an outrageous cover of the Will smith classic, “Miami”, with Pierre Davidson, conscientiously at his side. It all happened in such a blur and will probably need at least 3 views to really get the lyrics, but I’m pretty sure I heard Pete’s name check it out. R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and Dick Cheney (oh boy!) And Miley have definitely accused Pete of blowing their budget out of the pot. Hilarious!

For their opening number, Miley rocked a colorful furry rainbow jacket over a sparkling blue bra top, showcasing her washboard abs. She also paired the look with a sparkling purple multi-colored mini skirt and dazzling metallic accessories. Meanwhile, Pete is here like a real Tiger King, wearing a cat-covered button-down shirt, tie-dye shorts, and a baseball cap paying homage to his beloved NYC. Kinda perfect if you ask me. But Pete’s real role is to be there for Miley all night long. “He’s been my rock this week, ”Miley told the crowd. “He’s been my emotional support, which tells you what kind of a week it’s been.”

The year-end special marks the first time Miley has hosted her own New Years Eve special. The “Wrecking Ball” singer performed last year for Dick Clark’s Rockin ‘New Year’s Eve hosted by Ryan seacrest, 47, this time wore a patriotic outfit with skin-tight leather pants with red and white stripes on one leg and blue and white stars on the other. She paired it with a red, white and blue leather motorcycle jacket as she sang “Party in the USA” to close out 2020.

Pete Davidson &Amp; Miley Cyrus Remix Will Smith'S Hit &Quot;Miami&Quot; For Wild Nye Special Opening - Light Home News
Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson ring the bell in 2022 for NBC’s perfectly titled NBC special Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party hosted by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson (NBC)

Miley and Pete presented their New Years special in the best possible way. The couple – who had yet to work together on a special project – announced the special through Tonight’s show earlier in December, chatting with the host Jimmy fallon, 47. Although the NYE special marked the duo’s first co-host, they shared on Jimmy’s show that they actually had a past together. They hilariously revealed that they already got matching tattoos while working together on Saturday Night Live.

It all started in 2017 after the two appeared in the skit “The Baby Step,” which Pete claims as one of his big ideas. “It was a very dark time in our lives… for me personally,” Pete joked, revealing that the ink read, “We babies.”

“We dressed like babies – everything looked fun and good,” Miley began, as Pete explained that it was for a skit where they were rapping babies. “We did this SNL sketch… trap babies. One of the many brilliant ideas I bring to the SNL chalkboard! ”Larry David then spotted the two and asked what was going on – prompting them to respond,“ We ​​babies! ”Miley and Pete then thought that would make a“ great tattoo. ”Pete then brought in. her “tattoo artist” at 30 Rock, and the artist was “so excited” to ink them.

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