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Pete Davidson makes Kanye West, Chris Rock jokes during his return to stand-up

Pete Davidson's Latest 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch Looks Like His 'Boys Night' With Scott Disick

Pete Davidson turned Kanye West's previous treatment into punchlines during his return to the stage.

Pete Davidson is back on stage. for the first time in three years saturday night live Star took the stage for a sold-out performance on Thursday’s first night Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival at the Hollywood Bowl,

It didn’t take long for the comedian to reference girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye ‘Ye’ West. Davidson opens his set with jokes in which the rapper tells Davidson that Davidson has AIDS and believes West because West is a genius. He further joked that it is strange to be humiliated when you can’t do anything about it.

As fans know, after Davidson began dating Kardashian — including in her new music video for “Easy” — illnesses from West in real life were over. During his set, the comedian recalled going to a basketball game with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart in December 2021, noting what he calls “premature”.

“Life before it ends,” he said, noting that terrible things happened to him and The Rock afterward. To his fellow comic, he was Will Smith’s now-infamous slap at the 2022 Oscars. For Davidson, it was banging his head in one of West’s music videos.

Davidson further joked about Jack Harlow’s collaboration with West and shared that he isn’t upset about it, despite his friendship with Harlow. However, Davidson said, if his king of staten island Co-star, Bill Burr, went to West’s Sunday Service, saying it would be a different story.

The comedian’s return to the stage is also his most recent comedy performance, noting that he has not appeared in the last two. SNL episode.

Nevertheless, his acting resume has come to fruition with roles in upcoming films including bodies bodies bodies, Good morning! And meet cute With Kaley Cuoco.

Meanwhile, ET learns that West has been busy taking care of himself. A source said, “Kanye is lying down and focusing on healing. He’s trying to break away from all the drama between him and Kim.” “He’s focused on taking care of himself, getting healthy, and ridding himself of all the madness. He cares about his family and kids a lot. They’re his number one priority and he’s working on himself.”

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