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Peta Murgatroyd reveals she almost sent a ‘goodbye text’ while in Ukraine

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The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ supporter shed tears and admitted that she was scared when her husband was in Ukraine amid the Russian attacks.

peta murgatroyd got emotional while talking about the whirlwind of emotions while husband Max Chmerkovskiy Ukraine was caught in the midst of Russian attacks. The dancer told that she was scared because her husband planned to leave the country in a Thursday 7 April interview at,

PETA, 35, was overcome with emotion, describing talking to Max, 42, while he was still in Ukraine amid the attacks. “To get phone calls and to call him and see him packing his bags while trying to get out of the hotel. I almost had a heart attack. I had to sit down and calm down for him. Next, what? Eight days when you were there. Eight days were life changing,” she said. “Absolutely life changing.”

When Max was in Ukraine, PETA became emotional when he spoke about the worst preparation. (mediapunch/shutterstock)

Peta began to cry, as she explained that she nearly sent a message to Max in case the worst happened to her husband. “I literally texted him, almost a goodbye text if anything happens. Don’t make me cry,” she said before turning away from the mic.

Max hoped to explain that he felt trapped in Ukraine due to helping spread awareness. “It happened for a reason. Who else is there other than us to do it on a bigger scale and then bring more awareness?” He said Max has launched several charitable efforts to help Ukrainian refugees, and he continues to shed light on the experience of Ukrainian refugees entering Poland.

PETA said she was terrified to see Max being called from Ukraine. (mediapunch/shutterstock)

When Max came back to America, PETA was naturally there to welcome him at the airport, and they shared an emotional moment, where she was clearly happy that he was safe and sound at home. Even though her husband is at home, PETA is still saddened by the tragedy in Ukraine, as have many people around the world. “I’ve been struggling some days. Sometimes I have great days, other days I have terrible days because I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve walked those streets, I’ve been there Am. This is such a beautiful country. And the kids who are dying right now,” she wrote in an Instagram Story in March.

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