Home Entertainment Pepita Gomís, wife of Héctor Suárez and television presenter, dies

Pepita Gomís, wife of Héctor Suárez and television presenter, dies

La presentadora de televisión Pepita Gomís, esposa del actor Héctor Suárez y madre del también actor Héctor Suárez Gomís, falleció este domingo a los 83 años

The entertainment world is mourning again, as the actor Héctor Suárez Gomís reported this Sunday His mother, Pepita Gomís, who was 83 years old, has died old.

In a message on Twitter, Suárez Gomís announced the death of his motherthe television presenter and wife of the actor Héctor Suárez.

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“” To friends, colleagues and all media: It is with deep sorrow that I would like to share with you the death of my mother Pepita Gomís. Rest in peace mom“wrote.

According to “El Heraldo de México”, last August PEpita Gomís was admitted to the Ángeles del Pedregal hospital. delivered, but the causes were not disclosed.

What was Pepita Goms suffering from?

Pepita Gomís Iniesta hosted one of the most famous educational television showsHowever, according to her ex-daughter-in-law, Sandra Quiroz, she suffered from a terrible depression that made her stop eating.

His weakness became evident, and his doctors recommended a blood transfusion to give him vitality.

Regret for the death of Pepita Gomís

On social networks, several characters from TV and the show, as well as the general public, expressed their condolences to Pepita Gomís’ family:

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