Pepe Gamez falls more and more in love with the Yucatan

Last Wednesday, the second season of the series “Falsa Identity” was released on the Netflix platform with Luis Ernesto Franco and Camilla Sodi as the protagonists.

Among the cast, which includes Eduardo Yaze, Azela Robinson, and Sergio Goyri, Tamulipus actor Pepe Gamez stands out as an “El David”, a huchicolero under circumstances that have not led him on the path of crime.

Pepe Gamez, like the rest of his colleagues, recorded the season between the Kovid-19 epidemic and was isolated in a department of Mexico City with stringent measures to avoid contagion (he lives in Los Angeles, California ).

The last few months have been a happy one for Gamez, in December he arrives at his parents’ home in Merida – and says he is “so in love” with the Yucatan, and with a big plan to take roots in the place with.

In an interview with the newspaper, Pepe Gamez is not excited about how happy and happy to live in these lands, where he has enjoyed cenotes, beaches, magical cities and archaeological sites.

The actor believes that Merida is a city with a lot of mobility, with great interest and growth opportunities for development, in a safe environment and with very sociable and hardworking people.

Despite the intense heat, Pepe is asked to adopt Gámez as Yucatecan, though he apologizes for not mastering the accent.

“I want to be adopted as a Yucatecan, but it is complicated because I have not yet mastered pronunciation; I am from Tamulipas, four years ago my brother went to these lands, a year later my parents did the same. Whenever I had the opportunity to visit and come for Christmas, I fell in love with the Yucatan.

After concluding the recording of the series, Gámez felt the need for a break, and, he assured, that he had recharged his spirits, enthusiasm, vitality and energy in the Yucatan.

“I got more appreciation of the family while crossing quarantine and imprisonment with my parents,” he says.

“I love the cenotes of the Yucatan, I gaze at the tailchack Puerto, watching the sunrise on the coast, going fishing, right in the center of Mereda.”

Due to the imprisonment, the actor has a series of doors at the door, such as a commercial for the series, film and even television, has been discontinued.

And he feels that the most difficult thing is to be physically and mentally healthy.

Faced with this situation and the fact that there are people who do not want to go to a place to exercise, Gámez worked improvised with a bucket full of water and stones in a gym on the roof of his apartment in Mexico City . When he arrived in Merida, he designed an instrument with a metal frame with cables, pulleys and vests embedded in the wall, and was functional and effective.

“It was an idea that I came up with, I told a friend what I needed and he found a blacksmith who assembled the equipment and we installed it at my parents’ house, it works very well. Personal. Exercising and being active stimulates my imagination, ”he shared.

Gamez “baptized” the ForceOn GYM device.

“When I tell my fellow colleagues or people who follow me on social media, they like the idea. I want to open a business here in the Yucatan, manufacture these practice equipment with Yucatecan labor, and why not export them, I think this is a good way to support the good vibes that the Yucatan has, my He has asked a lot in social networks.

Pepe Gamez has not only made Yucatán his “headquarters” or “center of operations”, he is also a promoter of the state among his fellow artists.

He recalled that the second season of “False Identity” is now available on Netflix.

This year’s projects are subject to pandemic conditions. A few months ago he participated in “The Money Dome”, a “reality show” that tests the physical and mental abilities of contestants. In this case, he competed for a union that takes care of children suffering from cancer.

“I am grateful to the Yucatan and it has given me over these months.”

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