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Pepe Aguilar premiered the video “Don’t talk to me about love” with Intocable

The music video for “Don’t Talk to Me About Love” was filmed in Houston, Texas. (Photo: Mario Larios/@parte_1)

A few days ago Pepe Aguilar released the song: “don’t talk to me about lover” who sings a duet with the Texana-norteña band Intocable; and for all the hurt, the video is now available on digital platforms.

This new topic that has more than a million views on Youtube and it is trending on platforms like TikTokit is something that at some point in their careers had to happen, as he commented Ricky Muñoz vocalist of Untouchablesince it highlighted that both singers share several goals and musical tastes in common, so they hope that this song connects with many people who do not want to know about love.

Pepe Aguilar premieres video with Intocable “Don’t talk to me about love”. (Video: Tik Tok/@negricitarocaarce)

“There are few things more satisfying in life than working with a friend, someone you deeply admire and respect, on a song you love. This experience was a dream from start to finish. I’m excited for our fans who have suggested it for years. The song is quite a vibe, I know that everyone will enjoy it as much as I did recording it, “said Ricky.

For his part, the son of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, highlighted the admiration he has for the Texana group, “Doing a duet with people you admire is always a privilege and my friends from Intocable have always had my respect as musicians and artists. Hopefully this collaboration will make fans connect with their feelings as much as possible, ”he highlighted.

To the measure has 11 unreleased mariachi songs, and is the 27th studio album in Pepe Aguilar's career.  (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus)
To the measure has 11 unreleased mariachi songs, and is the 27th studio album in Pepe Aguilar’s career. (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus)

The music video for “No me hablan de amor” was filmed in Houston, Texas, under the direction of Narró Ruiz and animation by TunjaYork Studios, who have worked for different artists such as Daddy Yankee, Sia, Bad Bunny, among others.

This theme that emerges from “A la Medida”, the most recent record production by Pepe, is the authorship of his son Leonardo, creator of songs like I looked for it, One and a thousand Reasons, Mendigo I remember; and the singer-songwriter Gussy Lau, ex-boyfriend of his daughter Ángela Aguilar.

For those who are going through a bad love, they will surely feel identified with this theme, here are the lyrics:

I can’t speak of what I never felt

There is no way to help them

Ask me about sorrow and pain

There I could tell you

Because I never ran with luck

Nobody loved me, not that I remember

Don’t talk to me about love

I don’t know anything about that

I ever tried

And I got out of hand.

It seems that there was very good chemistry with Aguilar, well let’s remember that a couple of years ago Intocable confessed that he doesn’t like doing duets “… because you don’t just have to do that duet, you have to live with the person and sometimes we’re not even compatible , to share the video and then sing together, we prefer to do what we know how to do, we have done it for 27 years and the best duet that exists is between the public and us, it has always been like that”, Ricardo Muñoz explained in an interview.

A few months ago the lead singer of Intocable, Ricky Muñoz revealed that he has stage fright.  (photo: @Sr_Kraken)
A few months ago the lead singer of Intocable, Ricky Muñoz revealed that he has stage fright. (photo: @Sr_Kraken)

Contrary to them, Pepe Aguilar is one of the singers who enjoy doing dumbbells with various colleagues such as Alexander García, El Fantasma, Ángela Aguilar, Margarita la Diosa de la cumbia, Miguel Bosé, Filippa Giordanno among others.

Along with its new release, Pepe Aguilar continues the tour “Jaripeo sin Fronteras” through several states of the American Unionwhile Intocable will visit some states in northern Mexico to conclude their presentations on August 28 in Washington, DC.


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