Pepa and daughter of Egypt on 'Growing Up Hip Hop' and what fans can expect in the season 6 finale (exclusive)

The sixth season of Growing Hip Hop is coming to an end fast, and according to two of its biggest stars, fans are in for a treat! Hip hop legend Sandra Denton, Pepa de Salt-n-Pepa, and her daughter, Egypt Criss, spoke to ET about all things season 6 before the finale. The dynamic duo share why they decided to join the show, what lessons they learned over the years, the drama surrounding their family this season, and what fans can expect for the finale.

Describing the season as “rocky” and “explosive”, Egypt shares that she is excited for viewers to see her performance in the final episode. “Show people, cast members, everyone what it’s really about … they can’t see that often, so I’m really excited,” she says.

She adds: “I have been dealing with vocal nodules for the last four years, which was a chronic disease that prevented me from speaking or singing properly. And that has been very difficult for me. Now that I have had surgery and I am completely cured, I literally it put it right where it knew it wanted to be. “

The singer has worked to musically establish a name outside of her mother and father, Anthony Criss, better known as Naughty by Nature’s Betrayal. In revealing that she agreed to join the cast of the show because she wanted to be a role model for people, Egypt shares that she “always wanted to be that figure that lets kids know that the world doesn’t have to be as difficult as it has been, and there are ways to make it easier. ”

Egypt has undoubtedly stood out since its introduction in season 1. It has a single, “Fast Life”, ready to drop soonand she is planning a wedding with her fiancé, Sam, which both mother and daughter look forward to. The couple have not decided on a wedding date after COVID-19 postponed their original plans. Egypt reveals that it expects a winter wedding in America instead of a destination wedding. And although Pepa resists, pointing out that winter is “just around the corner” and too early to organize a wedding, she says she is eager to see the couple married and away from home.

Joking that “Stella needs to regain her own rhythm,” Pepa explains that she is ready to find the man or woman of her dreams. Who comes first! But he claims that he does not want to remarry, and Egypt agrees that it is “a lot.”

Pepa also admits that she was nervous about her daughter starting the show, noting that she knows “reality can be harsh.”

“Your [were] only 16 – you [were] a baby when you got on the show. I knew you could defend yourself because I have seen you defend yourself, so that part was good for me, “he tells Egypt.” Plus I’m on the show so I knew I’d have your and I’ll be riding or dying the whole way. I knew it was helpful because I’m there to take care of it too. “

But the rapper admits that being on the show has given her daughter strength, adding that she has been able to see what the world has to offer. “It’s tough,” she says. “But at the end of the day, I think those things make you stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Growing Hip Hop airs Thursdays on WE TV. Hear more in the video below.