Home Entertainment Penn Badgley questions Laura Ingraham’s viral Fox News video for “You”

Penn Badgley questions Laura Ingraham’s viral Fox News video for “You”

Penn Badgley, Laura Ingraham

The “You” star called the Fox News expert for arranging a silly exchange with a guest, where she acted confused about the name of a popular Netflix show.

Comedy is not an easy path for everyone. Penn badgley revealed he felt like Fox News personalities Laura Ingraham and that of Raymond Arroyo the timing was just a little off, when the two had a chat about the popular Netflix series You Monday, November 15. Laura acted as if she was confused by what the host was trying to tell her, when he announced that there had been an episode of the thriller series that mentioned measles.

Raymond, 51, was the guest on the 58-year-old commentator’s show for a segment, which appeared to explore “no-wake” television. Laura acted very confused when her guest mentioned the show with an easily confused pronoun for a title. “I was watching an episode of You where the measles appeared, ”Raymond said. Laura responded by mentioning that she did not remember the episode of her show what he was referring to. “When did I mention measles? ” she said. “I don’t know. It was on You,” he mentioned. The pair had a similar bit of back-and-forth as they tried to playfully feign confusion, before they got to the apparent punchline. “It’s a program called You on Netflix, “Raymond told him, to which the Fox presenter replied,” Is there a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?

Penn Badgley Questions Laura Ingraham'S Viral Fox News Video For &Quot;You&Quot; - Light Home News
Penn noted that Laura Ingraham’s confused viral video about her show’s name “You” was likely fake. (Shutterstock)

It’s clearly a reference to the iconic comedic duo Abbott and Costello’sroutine “Who is the firstWhich is one of the best-known skits of all time. Bud abbott gets confused by a similar exchange with Lou costello. After the segment aired and went viral, Raymond tweeted that everything was scripted and responded to those who also found it funny. Media even nicknamed the segment “You are On First ”in reference to the classic routine.

The video went viral, with many people finding the exchange funny, and even You are her own star Penn Badgley took note on Tuesday, November 16. He realized this must have been a fake, as Raymond appeared to pause for Laura to interrupt him. “It must be a little. Dude is engaged, he actually made me lol, but look how he waits for her to cut him, “the 35-year-old actor wrote. follow-up tweet, he wrote that it was clearly a joke, but complimented Raymond’s performance.

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