Home Entertainment Pedro Sola’s team on ‘Ventenia’ Televisa program

Pedro Sola’s team on ‘Ventenia’ Televisa program

Pedro Sola's team on 'Ventenia' Televisa program

The rumors were true: Pedro Sola came to Televisa, to participate in the program of your former broadcast partner for at least a few minutes Aurora Valley: “confession”, which is transmitted through the channel TL NovelNo.

as we move on last May, there were rumors that Pedro Sola was in talks Thank you for participating in a televisa program that was made possible over the weekend.Aurora Valle first appeared in ‘Ventanendo’In which she was a collaborator for many years. Apparently, the journalist took advantage of that meeting to talk to the owner of the program. husband chapoy, and thus “borrow” from Sola.

Pedrito Sola reveals a secret from “Ventanendo”

Even then, Pedro Sola did not take long to “window” the production of TV Aztec When he was reminded of an already very famous mistake on television when he named a brand of mayonnaise for which he had to pay a total 75 thousand, for which they were exempted 5 thousand in a fortnight.

“I thought they were going to drive me, no they didn’t run me luckily but I had to pay in installments but then everyone pays for their mistakes, it was a very difficult mistake”, acknowledges the economist by profession, in statements quoted by infobae.

But he later admitted that as time went on, the program had to be adapted to try not to make such mistakes, especially with topics as sensitive as business mentions. At this point he revealed “Greatest Secret” Evening’s production:

Do you know what we do at Ventanendo now? As soon as we reached the canal early, again 2 to 3 (in the afternoon) we record the mention Then if you make a mistake you repeat it, and then at that point nothing else that’s going to miss mention, well, I leave that mention to go back and people don’t even notice‘Cause I’m dressed the same and everything is the same, but if you make a mistake, it repeats itself and it’s over.”

In addition to his work on television with “Ventando”, Uncle Pedrito Sola – as his followers call him on social networks – said that “I’ve never been in a closet” And he was open to talking about his relationship with his former partner and why he was never with a woman.

You can watch the video of the entire interview below: