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Pedro Sola remembers the day a woman proposed to him to have a child: “Later he told another guy”

Peter Alone He is a driver very loved by viewers who see him from Monday to Friday on the program windowingwhere in addition to publicizing news about the show, he tells personal anecdotes in a very endearing way.

For example, what he revealed in yesterday’s broadcast: that a woman proposed to him to have a child. This caused surprise among his broadcast colleagues, Daniel Bisogno, Linet Puente and Rosario Murrietaas Pedrito since he was a teenager revealed to his close ones that he is homosexual.

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The television presenter came to this subject after commenting that while working at the Secretary of Commerce “there were some women who were a bit incorrigible.”

They proposed to me to have intimate relations and also to have a son”, recalled the driver.

Then, Sola detailed: “A woman told me that we should have a child and that she would release me from any problem and from any obligation with the child, and I told him: ‘But it’s not a piece of furniture’”.

The driver pointed out that at that time “he was so handsome, so nice, that she wanted to have a baby with me. When I was young, I was devastating”.

“Besides, as every year I went to Europe when there was nothing here, not a claw to sell, I was very elegant,” he added.

“At that time there was no (payment) for months, I had my dollars. Imagine that in Spain in the 70s they gave you 4 or 5 pesetas for a dollar, so you went and bought a pair of very expensive shoes, which cost 700 pesetas”.

Finally, Pedro said that the woman “later he told another guy, very handsome but not as handsome as me, and he did have the child”.


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