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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pedro Sola insults the ‘Golden Scorpion’ and agrees to hate him in ‘Ventaneando’: “disgusting”

solo peter, driver windowing, follow meshowing his rejection against youtuber Alex Montiel, also known as the Golden Scorpion. What happened now? It turns out that the presenter He called disgusting and accepted that he hates him in the middle of the evening broadcast of TV Azteca.

And it is that a few months ago on TV Azteca, Pedro Sola did not pretend anything and made gestures of displeasure when the Golden Scorpion He arrived at the Ventaneando forum, which caused him to be heavily criticized.

Pedro Sola assures that King Carlos III smells rancid

After many months away from what happened, Pedro Sola revealed that he continues to “hate” Alex Montiel and asked that they not even mention him on the air.

What did he say? He was presenting a note about an event where Alex Montiel was, where Pedro Sola was upset and asked not to mention the “disgusting”:

“Why do you mention the disgusting one?” Pedro Sola said.

After the request, Linet Puente asked him to get over it, but the presenter continued.

“Don’t mention the one I hate,” replied Pedro Sola.


The rough relationship between the two began a long time ago, because for Pedrito Sola the character that Alex Montiel plays as The Golden Scorpion is not correct:

“You, as a person, I like you perfectly, the character shits me”, Pedrito Sola told a long time ago.


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