Home Entertainment Pedro Sola criticizes the result of Mexican athletes in Tokyo 2020

Pedro Sola criticizes the result of Mexican athletes in Tokyo 2020

Pedro Sola atletas Tokio 2020

“We always stay in the right place” was one of the phrases that unleashed the anger of Mexicans, who criticized the economist.

MEXICO CITY.- Pedro Sola like Carmen Salinas, they are two Mexican personalities who always have a comment or opinion about what is happening in Mexico and with prominent Mexicans.

This time, the driver of “Ventaneando” gave its opinion on the Mexican participants who have or are competing in the Olympics of Tokyo 2020, of which he expected the best, but in his opinion it did not happen, since very few have achieved a medal.

Is sad

Accustomed to expressing his particular opinion on Twitter, the presenter of show notes assured that he feels sad about the results of the athletes who represent Mexico, because so far there are only three bronze medals, so Mexico is in the position 76.

However, Uncle Pedrito – as his followers often tell him – stressed that feels even more disappointed of the government, for not providing them with sufficient means to be able to perform better.

It is a reality that the comments you usually make Pedro Sola They become a trend on social networks, as many Internet users agree with him or congratulate him for raising his voice, but this time his “opinion” was not well received, on the contrary, the driver unleashed criticism and attacks against him.

Netizens defended the great work done by those selected in Tokyo 2020 and they even stressed that despite criticism like his, they continue to strive to put the country in a better position.