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Pedro Sola assures that King Carlos III smells rancid

After the death of the Queen isabel II and the assumption of his son Charles III to the throne of the British monarchy, various media have made strenuous coverage of the eventboth for its historical and geopolitical impact.

From all journalistic angles, the life and legacy of the late sovereign. His relationship with the economic, social and sports are just some highlights, although he also had a connection with the technology and entertainment industry.

‘Ventaneando’ dedicates a special program to Queen Elizabeth II

On Monday, September 12, the television program ‘window’ had a special broadcast dedicated to listing the main controversies surrounding the royal family. They addressed topics such as the proclamation of the new king, relations of Carlos with Lady Di and Camila Parkerthe abdication of Eduardo VIII and the problems generated by Harry and Megan.

In addition, they exhibited some of the protocols and codes of behavior that family members must respect. For this reason, the driver Mónica Castañeda explained the reason why Andrés, third son of the monarch, wears a formal civilian suit and wears the royal and military insignia that the rest of his brothers.

Pedro Sola says that King Carlos III smells rancid

On the other hand, her panelmate Linet Bridge highlighted the moment when a commoner gave a kiss to King Carlos III as part of your condolences.

Given this, Pedrito Sola questioned his colleagues and audience about the possible monarch scenthowever, he himself quickly responded and dismissively stated that it smells rancid.

What will the Carlos III smell like? (…) rancid”, he commented.

Finally, they discussed this unusual moment, as they say it was an attempt by the new monarch to empathize with his subjects, mainly after the death of lady di that still haunts him.


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