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Pedro Prieto together with the winner of ‘La Academia’ exhibit William Valdés

After that reality show singing ‘The academy’ came to an end almost three weeks agothe winners of the contest have developed a comprehensive work schedule as part of the start in their professional careers.

Among the activities that Andrew, Mar and Cesia have played, are signing autographs, multiple interviews with traditional and digital mediaand the recording of their first singles with the Sony label.

However, the series statements they have offered after leaving the program They have placed them at the center of the controversysuch is the case of Cesia, who together with the driver Pedro Prieto spoke about the sexuality of William Valdés.

Pedro Prieto and Cesia talk about the sexuality of William Valdés

On August 30, Pedro Prieto had as guests on his podcast ‘Authentic Podcast’ to the winners of ‘The academy’.

The first of the topics addressed in the conversion was the coexistence of students with cameras and how the uninterrupted exposure of their image affected the public’s perception of them, however, The talk quickly veered into love affairs.

The former contestants commented that each of their actions were “maximized”, for example, the looks, which were interpreted by the spectators in a way far from reality, in an attempt to relate them; this was the origin of several ‘shippeos’utopian idea of ​​uniting two people in Spanish.

With Andrés they shipped methat is, they made us a couple but because we got along very well, “said Cesia.

After this, she continued to add names to the list, as she assured the public that she was related to practically all the members of the production.

“I have been shipped with William, with everyone who approaches me they ship me, even with the director (Alexander Acha) they ship me,” he added.

Given this, Pedro Prieto made a question that generated great controversyhowever, Cesia’s answer surprised and uncomfortable his own companions.

“But man, if William plays in the other league right?”, asked Pedro in reference to the sexual orientation of the Cuban.

I think that of the two”, replied Cesia, which hinted at the possible bisexuality of William.

Finally, Pedro tried to soften the tense moment by dedicating a few words to Valdés:

William, I love you so much, he’s a mate of mine.mate, we work a lot”.


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William Valdés explodes against the media

Last April William exploded against the media through a video published on his YouTube channel, this after it was ensured that the driver had an account on a dating app targeting men who have sex against men (MSM).

Given this, he said that the Mexican media they have always sought to make it “shit”In addition, he assured that he did not know the cause of the morbidity around his sexual life. Lastly, he reported that nobody should care about the subject, since it is he who lives his sexuality with whoever he wants; the video was deleted from your page, there is currently no publication.


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