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Pedro and “Jiots” put their seasoning on the program Todos a la cocina

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Hector Marquez “Jiots” Y Pedro Prieto join the program everyone to the kitchen of Discovery Home & Health and T-Fal as special guests, so they will be in the dynamic of the second season headed by the star chefs Adrian Herrera and Carlos Gaytan.

In interview with MILLENNIUM, Hector Marquez “Jiots” and Pedro Prieto They shared their experience within the program and the relevance that cooking has in Mexican society.

“Mexican cuisine is super diverse in different regions of the republic, in addition, when you travel, people recognize Mexican food and it is a World Heritage Site for a reason. It is closely related to the culinary world, there are many world-renowned Mexican restaurants and we have great chefs, like the ones who accompanied us during the episode, who are super famous,” said Héctor.

Pedro added: “When I arrived in Mexico I started with a food section in a morning show and there I experienced the first contact of what Mexico has with food. Mexico is these people who are proud of what is theirs and who are very good hosts, that does not happen in another country. Mexico is proud of its culinary tradition, that is a fortune. I feel that Mexico has to be known through food. Mexico and its food goes together”.

Considering their own experiences within the program, each of them reflected on the process of living with a family while they cook and on the development of the concept behind everyone to the kitchen: “This program makes you see more as a person than what you do. Cooking is something that unites us, regardless of what you do. That’s the cool thing, it makes you identify with the person you’re seeing. I loved the experience and I like to experiment with the dishes in the kitchen”, commented Prieto.

“This concept of the program was born from the pandemic and it is something that we are no longer used to,” he says. Hector Marquez. “What he does (everyone to the kitchen) is to democratize a bit that it doesn’t matter if you’re not a chef, it doesn’t matter if you’re an actor, host or whatever, finally, you’re a person cooking in your kitchen, in an environment where you feel safe. Yes, there are nerves because you know that Adrián and Carlos are recognized chefs, but living together was very easy. Everything else flows perfectly; It’s a conversation between friends where you know how to cook, they’re teaching you and through that you meet an incredible family”.


  • Héctor Márquez “Jiots” shared that he already feels close to the kitchen, since he also enjoys creating content of this style in his personal spaces.
  • In addition to Márquez and Prieto, Dalilah Polanco, Herly, Efraín Velardde, Karla Gómez and Martha Figueroa will also participate as guests.

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