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Pedrito Sola reacts to Ibai Llanos’ ‘fail’ in advertising; “I understand your sorrow”

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The beloved TV host Pedro Sola once again brings a smile to his followers. And it is that he reacted through social networks to a small but notorious failure that the streamer Spanish Ibai Llanos did live, for which it ended up going viral.

Through Twitter, “Pedrito” shared the video that Llanos himself rescued and dedicated a message of encouragement for those who have made a mistake in something like that: “Friends, you see how this doesn’t only happen to people my age! I understand your regret @IbaiLlanos“, wrote the Mexican.

Ibai promotes Burger King instead of McDonald’s live: Is Pedro Sola you?

What did Ibai Llanos say?

During a broadcast of LaLiga eSportsIbai was willing to announce the official sponsorship of the fast food chain McDonald’s; however, it seems that the ssubconscious failed and mentioned the competitor chain, Burger King.

“Thanks, Sander, here we are too with our piece of menu… from Burger King sorry McDonald’s“, corrected the streamer visibly embarrassed by his mistake.

Faced with the error, his transmission partner resumed the word and between laughs said: “We are already with our McDonald’s. We have brought us to celebrate the 50th anniversary, the Big Mac, Mac Jr, celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac, the McDonalds you know you can order it with our Mc de Libre, as always promoting our virtual McDonalds“, giving the appropriate commercial.

Given this, Ibai himself took it on the good side, and contrary to ignoring his mistake, he evidenced himself in his account. Twitter, cutting the clip and writing: “mistakes make you stronger”.

But the story did not end here, because the account of Burger King of Spain making fun of the situation and wrote: “Those of (clown emoji, referring to McDonald’s watching it from home” and an image of Ibai referring to the game plants vs zombies.

Why did Pedro Sola react to this publication?

The reference comes from long ago, on an occasion in which Pedro Sola was wrong to announce the brand’s mayonnaise Hellmann’s; however, the driver said on national television that it was the brand McCormickcompetition from the brand that paid for the commercial.

Faced with his mistake, he said “sorry, Hellmann’s“, repeatedly, and later ended the commercial in a much more serious tone. This mistake has endured as internet heritage in memes over the years, which is why the famous episode is still remembered.


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