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Pedrito Sola and Belinda will be judges on a cooking show; this we know

The TV cooking contests have become very important among the public Latin American in recent years, however, the concept has been exploited for more than two decades in other parts of the world such as Asia and North America.

For this reason, hand in hand with the Netflix digital streaming platform, The successful culinary reality of Japanese origin arrives in Mexico ‘Iron Chef’. This was broadcast for the first time in 1993 as a half-hour program, however, due to the success after a couple of episodes, its duration was extended to one hour; reached 300 chapters.

Some days ago Netflix shared the first trailer for the reality showwhere he offered various details of the production, including hosts, guest chefs, host chefs and judges, among whom Belinda, Pedro Sola and Lucia Méndez stand out.

Pedrito Sola and Belinda as judges of ‘Iron Chef’

Through social networks, the streaming platform shared the first official preview of the programwhere it was revealed that the singer Paty Cantú will be the driverIn addition, it will have the support of Poncho Cadena.

Also the identity of each of the Iron Chefs was revealed: Francisco Ruano, Gabriela Ruiz and Roberto Solís. Although those who took the attention of the public were the judges.

Belinda, Pedrito Sola, Bibi Gaytán, Christopher Uckermann, Lucía Méndez, Michelle Rodríguez and Jay de la Cueva will be the judges who, in charge of Sophie Avernim and Gerardo Vázquez, will be in charge of tasting each of the contestants’ dishes.

In the video of just two minutes it is possible to hear a participant comment that she will cry in the face of criticism, to which Pedrito Sola responds: “No, don’t cry, it’s the truth.”

Iron Chef Mexico

The format brings together the best chefs in the country to compete against the three Iron Chefs in the ‘kitchen stadium’; Each episode has a theme and main ingredient that the participants must include in their preparations. The reality show will premiere on September 21.


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