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Peces Raros, a musical duo that in no way stops reworking

at the dawn of exceptional fish, Lucio and Marcoits customers, recognized that they had opposite musical positions, but luckily their need to develop prevailed and they continued with the undertaking until eventually these differences turned “what united us the most”.

“We had very distinctive visions and influences of how tunes experienced to be”, Marco recollects in an job interview with MILLENNIUM. “That was very first what did not unite us, I failed to want to go to rehearse with him simply because I did not like that, but then we fed back: I absorbed his way of building tunes, his a lot more people influences, and he absorbed the much more experimental electronic stuff that I preferred.and that gave us an intriguing combination”, he provides.

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The Argentine duo defines their audio as “eelectronics besieged by the ghost of rock”. But what motivates this sound expertise? The musician responds that “we intend to generally challenge ourselves aesthetically, never stand however and often seek out to amplify the proposal with out shedding what we consider to be the essence, that we do not even know what it is… It ends up currently being what underlies a route of transformationwe really feel that all our documents are various from each other due to the fact it is our intention not to stand even now.

“The only axiom we have, the only north, is not to stay nevertheless and to keep on seeking for our proposal to have an even far more expression… to seem for the correct synthesis, as obtainable and as doable without having turning into simplistic for that reason”, he provides.

Shut, Hemlock Y they will not end These are tunes that have turn into the most listened to by Peces Raros on digital platforms such as Spotify, wherever they boast a lot more than 175,000 month to month listeners.

About this affect on listeners, Marco points out that in some cases truly feel “vertigo”, in particular when “messages get to us, sometimes pretty strong, from persons that this kind of an album or these a music was important at a particular moment, they deposit a thing robust in some tracks, there are people who tattoo the symbol.”

This endows them with a duty in the direction of their fans, but it does not restrict them, the creative emphasizes, due to the fact “we make the songs that we like to make, that often signifies us, we consider to be open and flexible to grow, open up up the proposal without having at any time betraying ourselves. We are firm on that.”

Marco also shares his situation on the existing price of intake in the tunes fieldwhich does not cease accelerating: “For us it is complicated since there are lots of things that do not in shape with our way of communication, of output, with the way we like to imagine about new music: we are passionate about earning records, we like feel about conceptual operates that are not just the collection of songs”.

“I constantly pay attention to the information that I like and they in no way operate out. So, given that we like to hear that, we intend to produce that connection with the listener, and we suggest that which definitely goes from the prevailing kinds of modern market placewhich is continuously placing out items for each couple of months, you get the job done much more on the solitary than on the album”, he adds.

And finally, the member of the band who took his title from a tune by Radiohead (Bizarre fish), remembers how the collaboration with the rapper thunder for the subject matter Hemlock.

It is a tale of genuine inventive desire in situations of substantially collaboration., potentially as a market place system, which is not to discuss negatively, it is quite handy to strengthen audiences. Trueno is an artist that it was really hard to visualize a collaboration that works because they are very different proposals with few common vertices, but he and his team were pretty enthusiastic about Hemlock, and he observed a possible vein to find an expression of his have higher than that style of sonority. He seemed curious to us, we sent him the tracks and he despatched us a good deal of pretty melodic tips, really various from what we expected, which we loved. Then, we got with each other in the studio, we did a couple of periods, almost everything flowed. A union of restless musicians“.

Argentina and Mexico, musical romance

Marco assures that there is a musical romance among Argentina and Mexico, but “there are a number of referents of Mexican music that have now entered Argentine preferred lifestyle with wonderful drive, which are section of the well known creativity, the scenario of Molotov, Café Tacvba, in a nearer time Julieta Venegas. It is a thing that also occurs the other way all over. There is a communion and romance involving bands and audiences from Argentina and Mexico”.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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