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Paulo Londra surprised his fans by releasing two new songs and videos at the same time

Argentine superstar Paulo Londra explodes onto the music scene again with the double release of foggy more simple Lamp,

Two songs and their respective videos were uploaded on all digital platforms last night Marathon of Social Media Activity: Chat on YouTube and Live on Tiktok.

Cover of Paulo Londra's new single.

Cover of Paulo Londra’s new single.

In March, Cordovan edited the subject. plan a and a few weeks later they took out opportunityWhich marked his return to activity after two years of silence due to a legal conflict with his former producers.

Theme “Clouds”

foggyWritten by Paulo Londra and produced by Federico Windvar, the musical affirms the versatility of the superstar, who continues to amaze its global audience and industry with his musical creativity. The song tells the story of the feelings that a relationship faces when a relationship ends abruptly filled with confusion, but at the same time, feeling that it was probably the best thing that could have happened.

Paulo Londra in the Clouds Video.

Paulo Londra in the Clouds Video.

The video was shot in Buenos Aires and directed by Agustin Porte, with Paulo dressed as a student at a school where they were holding a talent show. After several acts, he takes the stage to perform the song with his band and makes the entire audience, including the judges, stand on their feet with full enthusiasm to the beat of the song.

“Lights”, a surprising bonus

Lamp This comes as a big surprise to Paulo’s fans, as he released it 35 minutes after the Cloudy show. The incident occurred while he was live on TikTok Live, celebrating the launch of Nublado, when he suddenly stated that he had released a second single as a surprise gift to his followers.

Lights to Dancing is a song and is accompanied by a video where Paulo Londra is a waiter in a club, serves drinks, and from one moment to the next he takes control of the DJ booth and makes everyone dance.

record of choice

Paul London.

Paul London.

Announced the release of the post by the artist on Instagram in collaboration with Spotify Global foggy was again a record with over 1.02 million likes. The teaser was trending #1 in over 10 countries, as well as trending in the United States.

Paulo Londra – Plan A

(official Video)

These two singles follow Paulo Londra’s successful and highly anticipated return to the music scene, which coincided with the release of plan a It broke records and took the number 2 spot on Spotify’s Global Chart within hours of release, becoming the first Latin song by an Argentine artist to reach that position without a collaboration. The official video has already garnered over 140 million views on YouTube and over 295 million views worldwide.

Two weeks later they released their second single titled opportunity And Spotify re-entered the global charts and remained in the top trends on YouTube with over 55 million views and over 207 million replicas.

In this way, Cordovan consolidates into this new phase of his career in which he seeks to make up for lost time amid the legal battle that kept him off the scene.


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