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Paulo Londra published the second of his three new songs

Already completely back to music, Paulo Londra released a new song. The name of the song julietand the musician presented it from his networks as “a little reggaeton that they were asking me for”to the delight of his fans, who have already given him two million views on YouTube.

The Cordovan artist’s theme was produced by Sky Rompiendo, with the collaboration of Federico Vindver, the general producer of the three new releases promised by the singer that are coming out one at a time.

A few months ago, Londra resumed her musical work and was once again a success. First with the appearance of Plan A, which broke records and reached No. 2 on the Spotify Global Chart in just a few hours, from its premiere. In this way, the topic was positioned as the first latin song when reaching that position, by an Argentine artist without collaboration.

Paulo Londra, after the legal conflict, returned with everything and released several songs in 2022.

Paulo Londra, after the legal conflict, returned with everything and released several songs in 2022.

One hit after another

Fifteen days after that launch, released another single, Chance, with which he returned to being comfortable on the Spotify Global Chart, in addition to staying within the first YouTube trends. A few weeks later, the Cordovan made a new release, this time double, with the songs Foggy Y Lights.

The most recent topic juliet, also comes with a video clip, directed by Gabriel Bosisio, which was recorded in Buenos Aires. The clip has a very particular aesthetic, creminiscent of horror movies from the 1980s.

In the official video, Londra appears trapped in a hospital and tries to flee from a group of scientists who they want to steal your ideashis youth and his creativity, in an absolutely dark atmosphere that involves the viewer in that climate.

To infinity and beyond

With these new materials, the Cordovan musician confirms his position as one of the artists of the Latin urban genre, with the most international projection supported by thousands of fans who were anxiously awaiting his new songs.

Meanwhile, Londra is already preparing her next release, which will also be international, as she will do it together with another global artist, the British superstar Ed Sheeran. That shared work is called novel night.

Very active in this return to music, Paulo Londra also released a freestyle in collaboration with renowned producer Timbaland, entitled Knock Knock. The new single was followed by Tiredwith which, in some way, he returned to his origins, since it was a song made in collaboration with Joaqo, his friend and with whom he took his first steps in Cordoba freestyle.

Londra’s temporary departure from the music industry was due to a legal problem that arose in 2019, with his former label and producer named Big Leagues. So, the Colombian producers Daniel Oviedo and Cristian Salazar, were looking to keep some of the rights of the Argentine singer.

The Argentine singer accused them of fraudsters since he had signed a contract in which, without the Cordovan’s knowledge, he gave said producer all his musical rights until 2025. The situation generated an international scandal and Londra was supported by other artists and by his fans calling for his “musical liberation”.

Paulo Londra, back with a new song, which became an instant hit.

Paulo Londra, back with a new song, which became an instant success.

Finally this year, an agreement was reached that allowed Londra to resume her record work, this time, in other ways.

Londra is determined to make the most of this musical comeback, with this string of new song releases, just as he promised his fans, both solo and in collaborations, throughout each week. The finishing touch will be the theme with Ed Sheeran.


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